Why Whisky Color Discontinued

  1. hello paddy owners, lovers, I am one also,==== does anybody know why the Whisky color was discontinued????? is there another color that is replacing it???? comes to mind the old saying "if its not broke don't fix it".???
  2. I think the rapid turn over of colors is a marketing gig: keep them wanting what they can't have and keep showing them what they need next!! :supacool:
  3. ^ :yes: :true:
  4. Also keeps the bags fairly exclusive.

    I know that one of the reasons I buy a certain thing is for it's uniqueness. With the rapid shifts in color Chloe can maintain a certain status in the fashion industry and not overload the street with the same item.
  5. Yeah, well said hmwe46.:yes:

    Sadly though, as a knock-on effect - this pushes the prices up, even on the second hand market, for the likes of us ladies when we get our heart set on a specific colour!:crybaby: :yahoo:
  6. OK, then what color replaced it ?? they must of had a simular brown color that would be almost as nice and a lighter than chocolate??? I can't seem to find anything shown for fall/winter 2006. Need some advice.
  7. The muscade (nutmeg) seems to be the replacement color. It's lovely, just take a look at a whole nutmeg and that's the color!! :love: