Why we shop... something I heard on Oprah

Jan 25, 2006
i shop b/c i have nothing better to do and i'm usually really bored sitting at home! plus, i love seeing all the new things. if i can't shop..i grocery shop...its quite bad actually...my shopping problem and i. *hides in shame*


Feb 5, 2006
I saw somewhere-GMA or Today I think- that shopping in some women can cause a release of seratonin therefore creating a mood lift or high. Medical proof for why it makes us happy:biggrin: I like to think it is my drug of choice!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i think i'm really the opposite of this. when i'm in a crappy mood or feeling depressed or unfulfilled, i don't shop because it just makes me feel worse - my crappy mood transfers to whatever i buy, and then i just end up returning or ebaying. when i'm feeling my best, then i feel comfortable making purchases and doing things for myself. so i don't know why i do it, lol.


Cultural Ambassador
Jan 4, 2006
I shop as a fun activity, and I browse far more than I purchase. Actually, I'm happy looking around then sometimes sad when I find nothing I want.

When I'm sad I'm much more apt to play the piano or do something creative, but not usually shop.

I do seem to like to have an item in mind that I'd really like, and if I get it something else will come up. I just find it another dimension to keeping life exciting and having something to look forward to.


Jan 29, 2006
This adage is true for many individuals,not just woman.
Not all woman are born with the shopping gene,I know quite a few that detest it.
On the other hand chronic shoppers most likely do so to fill a void.Keep in mind I'm referring to the woman you see leaving a boutique or mall loaded down with bags and a smoking credit card,not your average window shopper.
I know women that use shopping as a way of getting back at their cheating hubbies.

I've known women that have ended up in bankruptcy court while trying to fill what they deemed to be an empty life, when their money would have been better spent on good dose of psychotherapy.:sad2:

I thank God everyday for the good sense he gave me.I enjoy a nice purchase as much as the next guy,but I refuse to risk my credit rating by over indulging my every whim or trying to keep up with the Joneses :lol: .