Why we love our bags????

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  1. Ok ladies, I am wondering why you all love bags. Please share your reasons!!
    My affair started a couple of years ago at 46 when I had to start taking meds for #itchiness and hot flashes!! It seems that when you start it gets harder to lose those few extra pounds. My bags are my friends, they are forgiving and never shrink in the wash!! I always had a couple of Coach bags, but that was it. Never really cared. I started with a new Coach , that I really didn't like, then a couple of Kate Spades, then I saw a Mulberry in Saks and loved it. Bought my LV Alma instead (love that bag, gives me a little class!), then a Kooba and Isabella Fiore. Now I am waiting for my 1st Mulberry Bayswater! Come on and fess up!!

    BTW, my DH thinks I am nuts!!! I mean, he only has 1 wallet, so what do I need another bag for??

    PS wish British Airways would comp me a ticket for the Mulberry meet!!!
  2. I love the fact you can slap them really hard and they don't whinge!!! Seriously though I love beautiful things and handbags are another way of having beautiful things that you carry about and you can have beauty where ever you go,and if your having a really crap day,you can look at your bag and it makes you feel a little bit better!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  3. No kidding! Think that why I love the Mulberry bags as they are so rugged! Took a Kate SPade on vacation and she fell apart. Did not make me very happy. Oh well, you get what you pay for. I usually need a larger bag to tote my hubbies things and my sweet Ethan (4 yr old grandkid). He has trains or cars he has to carry! But I do want a beautiful bag as it brightens my day!
  4. If you want a workhorse with good looks and pedigree,you absolutely cannot beat a Mulberry,my poor Elgin was bought late July and since then its been rained on,hung off a buggy,wazzed around the park,flung in the car,dropped when I've had to chase Sophie from doing a lemming onto a road(I am a good parent honest!!),carried mine Andys and Sophies stuff on a family day out and stuffed to capacity,and its just getting better with age....I have just subjected it to a drowning in collonil,see the thead that was started on that,there is loads of comments you would find interesting!!

    There was also a thread started by Flyvetjo called who uses their Mulberry every day,there are some good things on different bags on there,you may have to flick back thru the main menu page to find it.
    And the Bayswater what a gorgeous bag!!!! It would be great if Mulberry did pay you to come over as a US ambassador!!! You will have to do a US version and then we can see pics of all you ladies shopping for Mulberries US style!!!!!!
  5. Maybe a trip to NYC would be fun!! I looked at the Flyvetjo thread. I am glad for a bag that ca take a beating. My darn Kate Spade just broke on vacation and everything came tumbling out. Embarrassing as I looked like a drunk! Oh, but I was on vacation and probably was at the time!! Who remembers?
  6. Hahahahaha!!I like that!! I think I must look like a drunk most of the time!! I walk round with a sleeping baby in the buggy chatting away to her regradless and getting some bloody funny looks until I've stopped and looked in the buggy to find she's snoozing away oblivoius to her mother whittering away at her like and old hen!!! Shame about your KS,their quite pricey are'nt they?
  7. omg - You are soo funny. I am getting a mental picture of that. I used to do that with my Ethan, talking to him or worse yet singing and he is sound asleep! I will take him shopping to the Disney store so that we can detour to look at bags. He will walk into the store and declare that his Nana needs a new bag!! So funny!!
  8. Hahahaha!!! Sounds like you have got him well on the road to being properly trained!!!! I think that is just brilliant!! But tell me,what age did you start this program? Just so I know when the most effective time to get Sophie started!!!!Purely for scientific reasons you understand.....................hahahaha!!!!!xxxxxxxx
  9. He will be 5 in February and I have just started him. As long as he gets a present 1st , he is sooo supportive of my habits! He truly is the love of my life, my heart flutters when I see my Ethan!! It sound like its that way with your Sophie!! She must be adorable! Kids are great at this age, so much fun!
  10. She is my world,I'd die without her,I truly would!!I know what you mean about the heart flutters too! I have even bought her her very own little handbag for Christmas! It was only cheap though I would'nt want her to have expensive tastes too young!!XXX