Why We Like Coach

  1. I see some expensive designer bags and wonder, "Why would anyone spend 5x the money for a bag that isn't even that attractive?" I just think Coach has the cutest styles and I love the materials: the fabric, the C's, the leather, the hardware... I don't buy a lot of signature bags because it has to look right - I don't buy Coach to advertise the "C's". I have a few I am selling because they have never been used and a friend of mine bought a winter white vintage leather small flap with braided handles, then the next day told me she was having doubts because people couldn't see any C's so they wouldn't know she was caryying Coach. That just seems crazy to me! It is a beautiful bag! I think the all leather bags look elegant, and if anybody knows Coach, they will know what it is. Anyhow, do you buy Coach for the "name" or do you genuinely love the styles? Why do you prefer Coach over other brands (this would only apply to those of you who truly love Coach and aren't just "settling")? I actually had someone tell me to my face she would "settle" for Coach. I would like to hear from you about what attracts you to Coach.
  2. Coach is classic and timeless, with touches of trendy flair. And I love this. Excellent quality leather and hardware. And they stand behind their product for a LIFETIME. Laura hearts Coach.
  3. I second that. I love the quality of the Coach items and the Legacy leather is to die for. I got hooked on to Coach after I saw the 2005 Holiday patchwork bag. I just had to have it. Once I got the bag, I was so impressed I had to have more. After a few signature pieces, I got hooked on the legacy leather bags. The leather is tdf, the lining is gorgeous and the hardware is top quality. I am also a Louis Vuitton lover. I don't buy bags and accessories just to have them, I have to really like them and know I'll use them before I buy.
  4. First off, I'm sort of a purse girl :biggrin: I have spent scads of money on cute purses that don't last so I finally decided to look for a company that offered quality at an ok price.

    And then I found Coach. I love the idea of a "designer" bag but couldn't for the LIFE of me carry a Chanel, Gucci or LV simply because they wouldn't fit who I am. I'd look like I was trying to be something I'm not.

    Coach is sort of "all american", accessible to and for everyone.
  5. I third that!! A Coach bag is a quality bag that can be both classic and trendy at the same time. I think that when I get to the point where I'm able to spend $1000 just on one "it" bag, in the back of my mind I'll still be like "I can get 2 or 3 good Coach bags for the same money....and maybe some accessories too!!" I like LV and want to get a mono Speedy 30 (to start my collection) for my birthday this year, but I'll forever be a Coach girl.
  6. - Quality
    - Cuteness
    - Constant change in variety and lines

    That's why I love Coach!
  7. Coach is just the right price for my budget and i love their ever-changing styles.
  8. Ladies,

    I agree that the Coach crafsmanship is stylish without being trendy, and they are so well made--the leather, the stitching and the style--it's worth a bit more to have something that will last awhile. Divalori is right about carrying a bag that's 'all american.' I've seen women who carry the LVs, and they look beautiful and stylish, but I feel more comfortable with Coach. They are well-crafted and iconic, and they can also take the bit of a beating that my little ones give (albeit, accidentally--think standing on my purse while climbing into the back seat of the car!).
  9. Coach is cute & affordable. Also the quality of the products are very good. I just dislike the idea of having a outlet. If coach didnt have an outlet I would purchase more of their products,but the idea of spending $500+ for a purse then seeing it in a outlet two months later for $200 just kills me. My price limit for coach items is $300.Thats what leans me toward LV,they never go on sale =]
  10. I started out as a Coach lover, then moved to much higher end bags...and more expensive. After many returns for "faults" with high-end designer bags, I am bored with chasing (and later selling) "IT" bags and would rather have something that is timeless and affordable. Coach has great leather, lifetime guarantee, and cute bags.
  11. Haha, I love Coach for exactly that reason - you can score great deals at the outlets! Though I also like LV, it's just too far out of my price range for me to collect.
  12. I love coach! i started with coach, then moved into kooba, botkier, gustto and i am so happy i got those but now i am back to loving coach i think they are great quality, great prices and wonderful leather
    I dont like LV and i dont like much chanel and such so i feel like not only does coach fit better in my budget then those would but i also just happen to like them better!!! :smile:
    SO YAY it all works out for me!!! :smile: I adore my botkiers and i adore my coach for me they are equally loved! price is not what makes me love a bag! :smile:
  13. QUALITY!

    enuf said haha
  14. oh, and they're so diverse and beautiful (a style for each girl ;))
  15. I love the Quality, Timeless Designs, attention to detail on finishing of the bags as well as all the new styles that come out every several months. Coach is an Iconic American Classic that has stood the test of time.
    I don't like LV, Gucci, Chanel or Fendi bags. In all honesty I find alot of higher end bags quite ugly. I like simple, classic lines when it comes to my handbags and Coach is the only company that provides that in my opinion.