Why We Like Bals

  1. I guess we write a lot of bals but for a person who is new to them the question is WHY , why not any other leather bags ,infact i myself am new to bals so i thought to start a thread where we can just write why we like them,
    i have myself been coverted and i find that the leathers are smooth and they show a bit feminity along with ruddiness.
    my daughter does not know what i find good about those horrible looking bags ,so please do pen in ur thoughts
  2. Easy answer for me. They're LIGHT and comfortable and look really cute on. The other HUGE part of it is that they're so collectible and looking forward to the new colors and hunting down the old ones is like a hobby!
  3. I dress so casually that most other high end bags would look out of place on me. Balenciagas fit my style. Also, the leather is my favorite (besides Bottega leather, but they aren't my style). Its super silky soft and lightweight. Also, the colors are so rich and vibrant - which makes it hard to just have one.
  4. I love the leather and the lightness about them. They're understated and don't scream Designer so just me and a few "elitare" bag connaisseures know what a treasure is hanging on my arm. I don't like brands flashing in my face not with cloths nor bags and therefor they're perfect for me. They fit my lifestyle and cloth because I like casual cloths. with a lot of other brands I have the feeling that they don't look that well on me and don't match as good sa Bbags with my wardrobe. I can just say it in one sentence: "Balenciagas are the smart women Louis Vuitton." I love this sentence which isn't mine but for me it describes it pretty well and I'm not saying that women who love LV aren't smart.
    I just love them!
  5. I like the style of the City and Twiggy. I like the fact that they are light yet large enough to hold a lot of *stuff*. I like the front zipper for easy access to cell phone or/and keys. Also, the leather and the colors are tdf. I like LV too, and I have several, but they are heavy.
  6. I am not exclusive to Balenciaga handbags, I love so many different brands but I do think there is something special about b-bags and they are definately addictive like no other.
  7. I like them because they look classy and yet edgy at the same time.
  8. ^ ditto! I'm such a jeans girl! And I love the slouchiness...the leather texture...the casualness...the fact that it doesn't scream designer! It also helps that it's so so light & versatile (love wearing the city & the classique on my shoulder & messenger style). It was love at first sight :love:
  9. I love how light they are, the uniqueness of each bag, and of course, how they look. I feel so hip wearing one, but not like I am trying to hip. I love that I can just remove the tassels for a "dressier" look.
  10. yes I agree. It's for the Edgy Thinking LV girl. I love it is light and has the je ne sais quoi.. Afterall, you cannot just go into the boutique with a credit card and buy a cookie cutter bag l.. it takes research, preparation (pre-order), relationship (with SAs) to score/hunt a good bag and colour!
  11. Here are my reasons for loving Bbags:
    (1) they are light as a feather
    (2) they come in fabulous colors
    (3) there are many styles to choose from
    (4) the prices are not way over the top
    (5) the leather actually gets better with age/wear - most bags just
    look beat up after awhile
  12. The weight is a HUGE factor for me.
    I love that if you have the First, or Office, etc you have the option of hand held handles AND a shoulder strap. I love the feel of the leather. Even when heavily loaded the bags don't weigh much, versus beloved Louis Vuitton which even when empty are quite hefty. I love that they aren't readily sold everywhere unlike Chloe, Bottega, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and even Chanel. I love the colors and the fact that the colors are seasonal. (Granted I usually curse this fact too since once I see something and it's past it's almost impossible to find!)

    The other thing which is very important to me is that outside pocket which is so very functional. And lastly I love that they zipper closed. It's a secure bag. Not seen on just everybody. The fakes are quite obvious to those that know. And lastly I love slouchyness which gives a very cool "I'm not trying - but damn I look good!" vibe.
  13. 1) Best, softest leather in the world.
    2) The motorcycle style is so versatile -- it ranges from casual (hobo) to formal (classique)
    3) The slouchy nature of most of the bags is well-suited to my casual dress style
    4) The colors are amazing and so diverse
    5) They're not meant for mass distribution so there is a feeling of exclusivity in owning one. (kind of a snobbish reason, but it's nice to know that you have something uncommon and special)
    6) Ease of use. The bags are light, roomy, and strong.