Why We Buy Hermes

  1. My daughters sweater from Target after one washing.......
  2. ....still trying to find the sleeves............
  3. :wtf:
  4. LOL! Was it on sale at least???:p
  5. Holy crap! Are you sure Muffin didn't use it for claw-sharpening?
  6. Delicate cycle.........Dove liquid Detergent.......you don't even want to know what the inside of the washer looks like.
  7. Hmm... it looks like something LiLo might wear with a birkin.
  8. Wow! I love the juxtiposition on that gorgeous padded hanger. Hope you take it back to T!
  9. In contrast...My LV wallet went through the wash and seriously looks better than ever. I started using it again because it's just PERFECT!!

    D, Don't throw it out. She's going to need outfits for the parties in college!
  10. Oh great, J. Just what I want to hear.................
  11. i have no words
  12. I'm being thrifty here! You don't know how many white t-shirts I have had to buy and shred for jungle, pirate, or highlighter parties. The less she spends the more you..cough cough muffin..get to spend!

  13. Oh my god, what happened??
  14. Omg how is that even possible:wtf::p
  15. Beats me, NOLA. Gentle cycle and gentle detergent and when I went to transfer everything to the dryer, I found an explosion of white stuff everywhere!

    Actually, once I realized what it was, I almost died laughing........