Why 'watch' a BIN item?

  1. I have some items listed in BIN format, no auction, no offer option, just BIN. I have several watchers??? What is up with that? Why don't you just buy it? The price is not going to change...

    I don't get it. Does anyone watch BIN only items? Is there a reason to do this, I'm really curious.
    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. I do it. I like to think about it before I purchase on eBay so if I see someone buying it then I can look elsewhere.
  3. Yep, i put loads of BIN on my watch list, sometimes just to see if it sells, other times to compare with others on eBay at the time.

    Its really normal, after all, if you were going to bid on something, you would look at it lots of times before you bid, so it stands to reason that you are going to look at something you can buy immediately a fair few times first too :smile:
  4. It's not just a price-watching tool, it's almost more like a 'shopping cart' for me - I put things on watch then decide if I really want them. I am also really forgetful so I might forget I saw something better already! And I don't like having to search for stuff all over again.
  5. people wait for pay day !
  6. People do this all the time with items I have on BIN. Sometimes they contact me after the listing has ended and offer some ridiculous price since it didn't sell.
  7. I do it too - mostly because I'm undecided. When I finally make up my mind I'll stop watching it or BIN - or honestly sometimes I forget & the auction ends.
  8. "Watching" items on eBay for me is similar to using the shopping cart feature on other sites. I don't have to find them later if I decide to purchase it.
  9. do you run a shop at all ? they just get automatically relisted , great way of doing it , but i do find that men buy on it a lot more than women . and people tell me that my stuff is too expensive , sent a short meesage back to one person who said that and half an hour later it was sold but to a different person , i did feel smug . Not that the feeling is lasting long , looks like i am going to lose on one i selling auction style .
  10. I think most people are watching hoping that I'll lower the price if it doesn't sell the first time.
  11. I'd rather a buyer watch an item for a few days and be sure when they hit that button. It's a pain to deal with the impulsive buyer who wants to back out 5 seconds after they make the purchase.
  12. agree with that heart felt statement !
  13. Yeah, I always have BINs watched so I can look at them all later and decide which to buy. If it's a big purchase, I like to see if anything new pops up for a better price.
  14. to see competitor's item? :confused1: or I like it but can't afford it at that time :lol:
  15. I never watch for that reason - I think I currently have 6 of the same or similar item that I'm watching - most of which I'm waiting for additional photo's on. It's so I can find them easy & narrow it down to 1 - best price that's hopefully authentic. I can't be bothered to track price drops & relistings..... If I can't convince myself one of the items is authentic than I won't buy any of them. This is why I'm so indecisive - too many fakes to watch out for.