Why was my post removed?

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  1. I seriously wanted to know about the site and if it's legit or not.

    I just discovered this site and did a search on here about it without finding anything. Is anyone familiar with it?
  2. Didnt see the post. But if it was removed I assume the site was for fakes.
  3. I don't think it was. It is a consignment site. It seems as if it is for buying and selling like Tradsey and Fashionphile. I didn't see anything that suggested otherwise. That's why I was asking about it. Granted the name sounded strange, but the site looked well put together. Couldn't there be a discussion about it rather than having my post deleted? Or has that site been discussed before? I found nothing during a search.
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    Doing some research and I guess it is a rebranding of Glamshock? From what I've read they rented high end items and did some resale. Does that name mean anything?

    Did some searching now on Glamshock here on this forum and it appears to have been discussed before and is legit?? I have nothing to do with any of these companies. Just a consumer trying to find info, Sad that people seem to jump to conclusions and delete without even giving a reason why.
  5. I saw the post but don’t know anything about the site. The mod must of had a valid reason for deleting your post. I find them to be very fair about posts.
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  6. Maybe they aren't fakes but the site had questionable business practices and lots of people got scammed? Perhaps the rebranding was to cover up shading dealings? Or it's a subject that has been covered before so there is no need for a new thread? I'm just grasping at straws here. lol. Maybe ask the mod directly? Usually they will post why.
  7. The site linked was an obviously dubious ripoff site... one of our mods hence took it down.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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