Why waitlist?

  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm still relatively new to LV inparticular & designer bags in general. :shame:

    I see many of you talking about waitlists for new bags. Is this just if it's LE bags or for new permanent bags too? If it's for permanent ones, is it to be one of the first to have it?

    I'm interested in the Azur Neverfull. If I don't waitlist for it, does that mean it could be months & months until I could get one?

    Thank you!
  2. Waitlisting (atleast for ME anyway) is just a guarantee that I'll get the bag when it first comes out! :graucho:
  3. The release of new permanent items is always hotly anticpated, some stores may only get a certain allocation for the release and not have more for a few weeks. So if you know you want the bagput yourself on the waitlist to amke sure you get it in the first release to avoid dissapontment.
  4. Not a stupid question at all!

    We waitlist for limited edition bags because they are only produced in limited quantities...and this will help us to ensure we get it (although it's never a guarantee)!

    For permanent bags...it is typically because we want it right then and don't want to wait for another shipment to come in to the store!!! In some cases, depending on the bag, it can be months (i.e. Damier Azur speedy)!
  5. Okay, thanks for the quick answers everyone. Makes perfect sense!
  6. I only waitlist for LE items I'm interested in to ensure I get one. The non-LE items aren't an emergency for me since I can get them anytime.
  7. The answers are as above. :yes:

    IMO, if you have already decided and firm on getting the bag anyway, might as well just put yourself on the waitlist so that they'll call you as soon as the bag is in stock. Unless if it's a permanent item and you are still deciding, then no need the rush and hassle for waitlisting.
  8. ^^^^^^^^

    totally agree with her !!
  9. Thanks again guys! Two more questions please...

    When you are on the waitlist for something, do you have to pay in full or just put down a deposit? And do they usually only let you on the waitlist if you are a regular client, or could a newbie like me still get on it?
  10. ^^If it's something that's REALLY hard to get (i.e. like the Miroir bags and the heart coin purses were) then it's suggested that you put a CC number down just to ensure that one will be reserved for you. Otherwise, with anything else, a deposit or payment isn't needed to put your name down.
  11. I have never done a wait list.
  12. I waitlisted for my first item this summer...the black denim neo cabby. It was cool to get a call when it had arrived.
  13. I only waitlist for the LE items that I'm dying for. Other items, I won't waitlist because I don't like to be pressured to make a decision. I'm pretty patient, so I can wait for items.
  14. i also waitlist for LE items. i try to do it as early as possible (my store doesn't even have the f/w lookbook). i also do it sometimes with new items (even if permanent) that i've 100% decided i'm getting.
  15. I like to waitlist too, for the first batch that come out on release date are made in France!