Why to people still buy from EBAY?

  1. It seems thread after thread there is a post of people getting ripped off with buying fake purses and also paying where they have no protection. Why do people still continue to do it? I mean I would rather save for one nice purse and buy it from the legit. store than take a chance off eBay. It just seems like so much drama and whine, yet there is really no one to blame but trusting that the scammers on eBay are selling real purses. Most of the eBay threads are long dramas of being ripped off and then the long road with trying to get their money back.
    Is it worth it??????
    Yes I am sure there are good sellers on Ebay too but to me the rip off ones are doing more business.
  2. I've purchaed from My Poupette auth sellers and have never been disappointed. It doesn't matter if the seller is platinum status, I will not buy from them if not My Poupette sellers.
  3. Because just about everyone who posts in this section had a bad experience and need help. We never hear the good stuff :smile: But they're out there. I have purchased several designer bags on ebay, and one turned out to be a fake, but this was before I knew what to look for, and I didn't pay that much. The rest, with some research, were all excellent transactions.
  4. Almost everything I purchase, I purchase on eBay. I can get the best deals on anything under the sun. I am very choosy about WHO I buy from, how much I spend, and how I pay for it. I keep in mind that I never, ever spend more online (From any source) than I can afford to lose. I am especially careful when purchasing handbags and I too, keep witht the MPRS sellers. Research, research, research!!!
    Does that mean I've come away unsathed? Nah, I've had a few mishaps. I've never lost money but I have had to jump through the hoops to get it back on a small handfull of occassions (I'd say 3 max in over 500 transactions). I am ALL ABOUT eBAY! My friends call me, "The Queen of eBay!:tup:

  5. I totally agree with you! All my designer bags are from big name department stores and when they go on sale, it is even better priced than many e-bay "fakes".

    You just need to wait a little!

    Besides, why support a fake (mostly chinese; money to build more "against the world" nuclear weapons and poison products) goods, we then feel bad pouring all that money into fake purses and knowing that the money is not even for a "humanitarian" cause but just having the seller laughing at how "easy" a target we are to cheat us out of both (money and product)!
  6. I have been lucky on ebay too. But I'm very careful. When you take all the members we have here, then all the bad transactions you hear about, I'd say they're the minority.
    Most of us have learned to educate ourselves.
  7. We just hear about the negatives here b/c people are looking for help.

    I have sold many handbags to many happy customers on eBay, none have ever posted here to sing my praises or celebrate the very positive experience.

    It is unfortunate that many people scam and many innocnet get ripped off. Buyer beware. People lose millions in Vegas everyday, they take a chance, same on eBay, they take a chance.

    I recently posted a positve international transaction, got many replies too. I'll be sure to post some more.
  8. It's like that saying -- have a positive transaction, someone will tell one person. Have a negative one, that person will tell fifty people.
  9. I buy from ebay because being a student I can't really afford the full price, but I always make sure they have good feedback, have clear photos, if they're My Poupette sellers then great, if not I'll ask the helpful guys on these forums to for their opinions on authenticity.

    Ebay is probably the best place to buy anything at a discount, as long as they're not knockoffs.
  10. Me personally I can't stand the idea of carrying a second hand purse so I don't buy purses on Ebay, I buy them on sale in actual stores. I keep my eye out for the occasional bargain on Ebay on a new purse but it's very rare.
    I originally used Ebay to get my Banana Republic fix when I was living in Europe. It was great to have stuff that nobody else had (except when I spent a lot on a metallic bronze bucket hobo only to find one of my colleagues had got one while on business in NYC!). I never had any problems buying or paying internationally because I followed the rules and used my common sense. Unfortunately there are still so many people that think they can get away with ignoring the guidelines, which really are there to protect us rather than just make more money for Ebay.
  11. I'm not surprised by the number of people who shop on Ebay, but what really shocks me is how many tPF members wind up buying a fake there and then of course comes all the drama with trying to return it. And I'm not talking about tPF members with only a few posts. I've seen quite a few from those who post on here all the time. You would think they would be extra careful. Maybe I'm wrong, but THAT is what really shocks me.
  12. I've sold some of my designer bags on ebay and had great experiences. I also like to keep my eye out for great deals, and when I snag one, it's wonderful! I feel like a huge sucker if I pay retail, (unless it's something I am totally obsessed with and adore, can't live without, etc, and will never go on sale). The only negative experience I've had is selling an authentic Coach (authenticated here, even!) to some clueless woman who claimed it was fake and left a negative. I guess I should have taken it back and sold it to someone deserving, but I couldn't have been bothered at the time... :shrugs:
  13. I love buying from Ebay. I do not exèect that it will always be like this, but with the necessary waryness and basic knowledge I have always avoided being scammed. I buy on Ebay not only to find the best deals, but also ti find things I cannot buy anywhere else: collectibles, for example, or things that have gone out of production, or that I could not purchase at this side of the big pond. I think nobody writes in this section to tell the others the super-duper transactions they had; people write here because had usually a bad experience and want some advice, not the vice versa. I love Ebay, and when I had some problems with payments I turned to my credit card company and gained all my money back. I find buying off the Internet in general much more entertaining that going into shops. In Florence I have access to a limited amount of goods, on Internet and particularly Ebay I can find unusual things, and many times at much better prices than here.
  14. Because it's a lot cheaper. I own three Chloes for the price of one. I have never purchased a fake one. And I live 1.5 hours from the closest Neiman Marcus and Saks.
  15. I am incredibly careful on ebay and have gotten some really good finds. Stuff that's not in the stores anymore, so it's not like I can save for it and go get it later. I also send my stuff through authentication threads here, research the sellers, look at the pictures myself, etc. It's a great way to do it, especially if you like some of the older stuff like me :smile: