why to buy vintage kelly?

  1. Dear Ladies,
    i am wondering what is the different between a new and a vintage kelly?
    i am normally not into vintage,but last week i saw a beautiful vintage kelly in a consign.store.
    i would like to hear your opinions pros/contras for vintage!
  2. The patina's already been done for you, no breaking in on your part.
  3. I agree with what HG says, and also, older Box leather is supposed to be of better quality than the new Box.....
  4. And on top of that these bags have an overall totally different something... it's a feeling, very difficult to explain, there is something more than the patina...
  5. The cows had a better diet, no hormones, additives, animal by products, or mad cow disease.
  6. ...............history!
  7. If the right one came along I would snatch it up!
  8. in favor of new: going into the boutique and seeing a virtually pristine bag that you love and buying it and getting it wrapped up so fresh by the SA and placed in a stiff box and carrying your bag home to unwrap it again in private and smell the 'new purse' smell in your own room. breaking it in by yourself and remembering the first scratch and knowing that it has been through whatever you have, watching the transformation and owning/earning that patina when you enjoy it years later.

  9. LMAO :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. HG - how far back do you think you have to go to have this possibly "better" "well-fed" BOX leather?
  11. Ditto
  12. A lot of collectors feel the 60's had the best cowhides and croc.
  13. THANKS HG - I was wondering. This is great to know. :yes:
  14. Yeah! :choochoo: Gimme that vintage Box leather, baby!

  15. I love the history of vintage. DH and I are thinking of going to Zurich next year and I'd love to visit the Boyz. :graucho: Especially after seeing S'moms gorgeous vintage Kellys. :love:
    But there's also nothing like opening an orange box and smelling that new bag smell. *sigh* I'll take either!!! :flowers: