why this BAG !

  1. Hi

    Is that true ! the birkin posted can't be ordered ! I ask the SA and she told me I can order any exotic skin and it take 5 to 10 years ,... but this one I can't order it, the bag can be delivered to the boutique by coincidence and they offer it then to the first VIP customer appears …..

    Is it true? If yes ,Why that bag !!!!

    Ref. Hermes boutique germany
  2. Welcome to the ways of Hermes. If it was easy to get, you probably wouldn't want it so badly!
  3. the exclusitivity of Hermes is one of the numerous reasons why we love Hermes. if everybody was just able to walk into an Hermes store & buy the bag they want then I don't think Hermes would be nearly as famous.
  4. I know ! I think u didn't get my point ...
    any birkin is hard to get ... for a croco birkin u can wait for 10 years until it arraives ... that I understand ..

    but that bag u can order ! even ....

    I'm a good customer of hermes and was offered three times a birkin by just walking in the store ...

    But why that birkin is not in there order catalog ?
  5. well sometimes it just depends on the sa/manager what he can or to say wants to order for you kwim? like it or hate it but that is the way h unfortunately is
    btw was it the munich boutique and did you talked to them via phone?
  6. This one is probably to do with the scarcity of the skins. Rare though it is Hermes does have regular sources of other exotic skins - this version of lizard is new this last season so they will just have to see how it goes before committing to the the long term supply of raw materials that would make an ordering system sensical.
  7. maybe you can ask ilovemylife. I believe she has both bags.

  8. mmm I think your right ...

  9. No I didn't talked them by phone , also its not the munich boutique ...

    I asked for that bag , and she offered me a black birkin instead .. then I said can I order it she said no ! .. after that I asked her if I can order ostrich birkin bag and she said " yes" but it would take 5 years ... so I chaged my mind and bought the black birkin she offerd me ... hoping that maybe is I went to paris I might be lucky to find that bag or ostrich bag ...:angel:
  10. :smile: I believe that the picture above that Mira posted "Ref. Hermes boutique germany" is actually the picture of my both bags that I took at my house but somehow I forgot to put my name on this picture. Now it ends up in German website!! :lol:
  11. When I saw the picture, I immediately thought of you ILML!!!!!! Your collection is certainly one of a kind!!!
  12. I thought those were yours too ILMY!! :amuse: That is what happens!
  13. ILML... your secret is out... you own the Hermes boutique in Germany...
  14. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. Ok ILML, how much? Any special discount for tpf sisters? :lol: