Why the Speedy??

  1. I like the speedy - but without the sag... so I bought it in the epi line. I have a red epi speedy - and I love it because you can wear it casually on weekends with jeans, or I can wear it into work with a black dress.

    I would also consider an LE speedy too - but I really wouldn't buy mono or epi because of the sag issue (and you see heaps of those in Australia! - and I prefer having bags that are unusual or not too common...)
  2. I have 2 size 30's and they are not hard to get into. I'll admit the 25 was hard for me to get into, but not the 30 or obviously anything larger than 30.

    I use a purseket organzier in my bag so I don't care about the lack of pockets. MOST LV's have little to know interior pockets so I don't think this matters much to most LV buyers.

    I personally LOVE the sag of the speedy. Some don't, and for those owners, there are the speedy shapers.

    Speedy isn't for everyone. If she isn't for you, don't fret and don't force it.
  3. I hated it for the longest time until one day I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to get one!
  4. Im a huge fan of handheld bags. The speedy has never bothered me with the sag because I see it as a casual bag. If I wanted to look more put together, then id go with a more structured bag like the Alma.
  5. I love my speedy! It was my first LV bag and I will always have a warm place in my heart for it. I rarely carry it anymore, but I will once in a blue moon and I am reminded of why I love it...classic casual shape, simplicity, spacious interior, cute little handles and the fact that I must carry it in my hand and not on my shoulder makes it more relevant...if that makes sense.
  6. Just to add I carry the 30, and don't care for the 25 or the 35...
  7. I sold my first Speedy because I just could not get used to a handheld bag. Fast forward to the introduction of the mon mono Speedy and I just had to have one. Thought the mon monos were so cute! I loved my mon mono Speedy so much, I now have five Speedys. :shame: They are my favorite LVs. I just love the shape and casual aspect of the bag and I've also come to love carrying a hand held bag because it never hurts my shoulder, no matter how much stuff I carry. :smile:
  8. When I first started buying LV bags, I thought speedy also was not worth the money. To spend 700bucks for a bag, the speedy seems to not be fancy enough or the inside lining seem just plain and no extra pockets. Until I realize that really I'm paying money not only (well atleast for me )for the brand but the quality, timelessness and classic looks of LV bags. And with that said, speedy fits all of those criteria for me. And since I am a fan of hand held bags it is my go to everyday, worry free bag. (Of course though, if I'm going shopping I switch it up with one of my tote bags such as Artsy :p) So Anyways, the love that I found for speedy is not only bec. of it's easy,casual yet elegant look but bec. also it's spacious (I am pretty organize so I find my stuff fast and easy access(I normally don't zip it ;) ) and yes I am a fan of the sag :biggrin:
  9. i carried my iPad today in my epi speedy 30! perfect fit :biggrin:
  10. Very well said! I don't zip my bags either. I don't zip any of my large bags. Only the small ones.

  11. Oh my! So many valid points & opinions to the OP's thread...that I totally agree with...had to put the multi-quote to use. :graucho:

    Agree! I use a purse chameleon or pursket.

    Agree! Despised the shape. How times have changed.

    Agree! Thought I would never be able to carry a strictly handbag.
    I only own one shoulder bag. Epi Noe and rarely carry.


  12. I have a 25 and a 30 and I love them both. The shape is classic and iconic. You can fit so much inside. I use a purse organizer in mine as well and have no problem finding things. It also prevents the sag. :biggrin: My Speedys have a special place in my heart. I just think they are so cute. Especially with a bandeau tied on the handle.
  13. I never thought I could love a hand-held bag until I tried the Speedy. Besides the iconic images of Audrey Hepburn carrying one and seeing it in the boutique, I never really paid attention to it until I saw a woman at a church function and hers was vintage!! I got my first one after that--a pre-loved vintage 25 from 1985!!! I loved it but sold it to upgrade to a 30 which I've had for almost two years.
    The 25 has a very small opening (the classic Audrey Hepburn Speedy) and now seems like a doll's bag after carrying a Galliera PM or my 30's...
    I used a small piece of cardboard as a base shaper and there was no sagging at all and no added weight.
    The 30 is definitely easier to get into. I also use the same "base shaper"-I don't like those heavy thick ones or anything with pockets, flash-lights, etc. Way too bulky.
    I love my Speedys but I still love the option of a shoulder bag for shopping, trying on clothes, going out with the kids---all day at the South Florida Fair, for example...
  14. I like the Speedy bc it's the classic bag from LV. I'm big on classics I'm old fashioned that way lol
  15. I have a Damier Ebene Speedy 30. It's has a classic shape and fits everything! It's my work horse during the week. And don't ask me how I know this but it fits an 8-pack of beer perfectly in there. Teehee.