Why the popincourt over the batignolles?

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  1. I am really coveting a batignolles horizontal, but I see so many popincourt fans here. What is it about the popincourt that you prefer?

  2. I like the shape, and I'm rather small so I think the size is a little more suitable (haha.. little.. boo). Don't worry though, I like both, and I'll eventually get the batignolles vertical, I just chose the Popincourt first ! ;)
  3. Hey there, fellow Mama. I personally perfer the Popincourt Haut over the Batignolles. I just love those little golden orbs! Also, the PH seems more structured to me.
  4. I like both, personally. The Popincourt Haut came out first, had a different shape/style than other mono bags and you can't help but love the gold balls. It's still smaller than the Batignolles, but bigger than say, the loopings. So it's the perfect size for a shoulder bag without looking like you've stuffed it.
  5. LOVE the PH!:love: Don't know why!!!:biggrin:
  6. Hmmm, fascinating! Thanks chiquitas!
  7. I loved the batignolles, but honestly, I throw my purse around alot, I needed something with a zipper, and I wanted something different. So I got the PH and I Love it!
  8. This seems to be the dilemma of the week!
    At least for me, anyway :lol:
  9. I plan to order the Popincourt Haut because I love the shape, the size (not too big, not too small), the brass details and the zipper closure. For that much money, I want a zipper. I love the shape of the Batignolles, but I just wouldn't feel that secure with that closure. Plus, I still haven't seen anyone carrying a Popincourt Haut; people I see usually carry a Speedy, a Cabas Piano or a Looping bag. I wanted something a little different.
  10. I'm not sure if you mean the popincourt (which is a short handle purse) or the popincourt haut (shoulder bag). I personally love the popincourt. I have one and love the unique shape. The popincourt haut is very pretty as well. Unfortunately, people love it where I come from so I see at least 2-3 every few days it seems. That turns me off. I hardly see the batignolles...
  11. I love the batignolles :love: But the popincourt haut is pretty too ;)
  12. Sorry, I meant the PH.
  13. I don't like the side thingy on the Batignolles. I can't explain really well what it's called.
  14. The buckles?
  15. I'm buying my mommy the horizontal for her birthday! I prefer it because I love big bags, and my mom likes bags that goes over her shoulder. Personally, I prefer the Sonatine over the Popincourt. =)