Tech Why the OnePlus One is better than the iPhone


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Jan 5, 2007
Jacksonville, Fl
I know there are a ton of iPhone people here, and I really think most of it is due to habit and familiarity. But most of the time, Android has come out with features YEARS before an iPhone has them and most of the supposed drawbacks of using an Android device have long been squashed. Maybe this article will help you break free of the mold. :smile:
To be fair, this is specific to the One Plus, which is an no contract, pure Android phone. There's no bloatware and pre installed apps (aside from the stock Google apps). There are a few no contract phones like this. The One Plus, the Google branded Nexus phones and Google Play Store marketed HTC One M8 and Galaxy S phones come to mind

The Article said:
For me, it was the right decision to part ways with my past iPhone life. The One's built-in CyanogenMod, coupled with a great-looking piece of hardware and my newfound understanding of Android, just fits like a glove now. I couldn't tell you why this "epiphany" didn't happen sooner, but what matters is that it did happen and now my eyes are open to a whole new world.