Why The Heck Would I Pay Full Price !!! ?

Jan 23, 2006
If there is someone else out there that will do it for me ????
This is thier motto.

I know several women that only shop at highend consignment shops where they can get great bags without paying the full price: However of course these bags are slightly used.

What are your thoughts and Opinions?
I have found that most of these stores charge close to retail if the purse is in perfect condition. My feeling is if I am 3/4 way to the price I will wait and get a brand new one from the store. Also if the bag is really used then they only discount a bit more and usually I wouldnt want it in the condition. I find most of the consignment stores think they have gold and charge alot. Example. There is a store near me that has a early 90's Fendi boston bag....They want $200. Its a good condition but it is dated. Its still sitting. I might jump on it when it goes down to about $100. It would be a nice knocking around bag.
I just bought 2 used LVs that are in immaculate condition. paid a little more than half price each. so in essence, was able to get 2 for the price of one. I think I was lucky though. You have to really be patient to find the lightly used ones at a great price. I also think that LVs are the only bag I'd consider buying used. I'm one of those impatient people that want the patina now!
i don't mind paying full price for certain things - bags are one of them. however, i'm not nearly as picky about shoes, i try and buy those on sale because i simply don't place the importance on them that i do bags. i wait for most clothes to go on sale unless i think they'll be really popular and sell out, too, because most things eventually go on sale at least a little. i more or less cut corners other places so that i can pay full price for the bags i want and not have to worry, lol.
I never buy anything used. I always think of that saying "Do you KNOW where that's been?!" I don't know and that truly freaks me out. Like you don't know if that purse was used to hold drugs or dog poo. I mean, sure it's been cleaned, but still. I'd rather buy stuff new than worry. I had to go to two different book stores to get one of my university books new. I couldn't stand the idea of using a book that someone who I never met was touching or doing God knows what to.
I got my first used LV today. I've bought other LVs off of eBay, but all have been new.

I'm amazed how good it is and how lucky I feel about how much I saved on the piece. I'm in love!

Although, I think getting something new from a store has its own special joy and I prefer if I can to buy in store.
I got a used Cabas Piano from Ebay. The straps are starting to patina and nothing is wrong with it. Still has that lovely LV smell and it's dated 2002. I picked it up for $350 and you would never believe this part.....it was a 1 day auction! I was glad to find an authentic piece in a 1 day auction that went for cheap.
For some reason I just like to have that brand spankin new bag feel/smell. I've checked out a few consignment places and none of those bags really gave me that feel. The new ones I saw there were almost retail, and I'd rather have the peace of mind from the boutique if there are any defects etc.
I am the kinda of people who just have no luck in good deal and don't know how to find one (unlike my mom she has better luck than I do) So I don't know, but I don't have problem with used bags as long as they are in great condition and cute.
I just don't like getting used things, it's just not the same as something that's brand new. I'd rather pay full price for something new than a little less for something used. With that said, I hate paying full price for most things now. Full price for me is retail + WA sales tax, so just going to Oregon or ordering online cuts that out. Then there are all the sales and online discount codes. Friends with employee discounts. A male SA had a crush on me and would discretely give me 10% off everytime I came in... but the store closed!!
Well, I had a terrible expience with ashford.com. It is a website that sells designer handbags at discounted prices. When I found their website, I thought I was in prada heaven. The website even has an AUTHENTICITY MONEYBACK GUARANTEE. When I received by bag, not only did it have the controllato card and the prada cotton stachel, the quality was what you would expect from a Prada and the metal hooks and lock even had the word Prada. I bought a bag from them early last year, and late last year, the zipper broke. Since I live in the Philippines and the Prada store here does not have repair service, I sent my bag to Hong Kong for repair. To my shock and EMBARRASSMENT, Prada Hong Kong did not accept the bag because they could not find the serial number that is assigned to every Prada bag. I wrote an email to Mr. Tim Giang, a sales representative of Ashford.com, and he replied that since my bag came from an old collection, maybe Prada did not have a record of it anymore. From this vague reply, one can readily conclude that my bag is a FAKE! So, if you want to buy an authentic designer bag, buy it only from certified stores. Buyer beware.
I wouldn't mind buying a used bag - as long as I know for sure that it is real - vintage can be very nice. I also like the idea that a bag can get a new home and that I could take care of someone elses darling, just as there might be new possible homes for some of my bags when the closet is crowded. Still, the smell & feel of a brand new bag is hard to beat.