Why such concerns about vachetta?

Crazy Bag

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Sep 10, 2007
Uniquely Singapore
Hey! Im from singapore as well! Where do you get the colonil spray from?
crazy bag, I'm keen to know too. Does it only keep the water stain off, how about dirt? :nuts:

My BH shoulder strap already has this ugly dark dirt patch, which despite using baby wipes, can't be erased... haiz... have sortof get use to it. Vachetta really is a headche to me.
I attached the Collonil (sorry I spelt it wrongly initially) Spray Picture...will pm you where you can get it...sorry I think I may not be allowed to reveal it in the threads (cos this is from my personal experience) else I might seem to be promoting something which I am not ...anyway, if you Vachetta is already dirty, it might not help...The spray have been useful to prevent water staining for my bags ;) dirt and everything else must be cleaned regularly using babywipes. It will not stop the leather from turning color too. You can get spray over internet too..I also posted my berkeley new and after regular usage for a month...;) hope it helps...oops baby call...will pm both shortly tomorrow on where to buy. sorry for delay!!!


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Aug 27, 2007
It's not a big deal for me. I just try to keep the vachetta waterproofed with Apple Garde and keep it extra clean (baby wipes every so often followed by Apple Leather conditioner). It's a lot easier once it darkens, which is why many of my bags with vachetta were bought used.