Why such a steep increase on certain bags?

  1. I cannot imagine that the cost of the classic bags went up nearly 30% to justify such a hefty increase in price. Does anyone have any theories as to why the large and selective increase? To bring them up to the cost of newer styles? To preserve it as a status symbol? To discourage purchase among younger segment? Just curious as to whether any of you had any theories or your SA shared any with you.
  2. My S/A @ Belagio Las Vegas says Chanel did not have a price increase last year and he believes it is because the dollar is so weak against the euro.
  3. that's what i heard xxxxxxxxxxx:crybaby: :crybaby:

  4. Does it mean that there isn't a price increase in Europe?

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  6. but why the Classic lines got 'punished' the most??
  7. probably the must-have...so the best "target":yucky:

    In btw...price hike applicable to everywhere...US/Asia/Europe
  8. They always use that line about the dollar being weak against the Euro. But it's not like they'll reduce prices if the dollar becomes strong against the Euro.
  9. Nah, it's not because of the €/$ (maybe there's been a small increase in reponse to this, but it's not the main reason). The classic range was going up here in Europe too (approx 18%). My SA in Amsterdam said is was because of the amount of work that goes into the classic bags and the new prices are a reflection of that.
  10. I think the reason they increased the Chanel timeless classics line is because they compete too much with the reissue style bags. Maybe a lot chose to buy say a jumbo classic for $1695 instead of a reissue style for about $2100.
  11. I think that all makes sense.

    I also wonder about the exclusivity thing too... one of the reasons I started looking more at Chanel (I was previously an LV girl) was b/c LV's prices kept on going up for their bags, and I figured, it was not much more to take the Chanel jump.

    I wonder if Chanel also wanted to keep a bigger spread between it and LV/Chloe, etc...
  12. Chanel risked losing exclusivity by launching their Cambon line. Notice how the Cambon prices stay between $900-$1400. So Chanel wants to regain back their exclusivity by increasing the prices of their most iconic items, i.e. the classic flaps which was between $1050-$1700 initially. I also believe they want to separate themselves from the LV, Gucci and Chloe markets and be on-par with Bottega Veneta, which is the creme-de-la-creme of the Gucci Group.

    I don't entirely believe the Euro vs. US$ mumbo jumbo. Currencies fluctuate too often. But the SA's tell you that to give you an explanation no-one can control.

    Price hike or not, I still love my CHANEL :heart:
  13. It's Bush's fault, I'm sure, because it rains sometimes too.

  14. ^^^I think that's the most likely reason for the price hike.

    But, being involved in politics, I like the "Bush's fault" theory too!!! ;)
  15. let's not attempt to bring politics into this. . . Megs and Vlad don't permit that here.

    Anyhow, I agree, it's because of the lack of increses within the last year or more and to keep up w/ inflation. . .
    everything else has gone up.
    I'm just happy they don't pull an "LV" on us and do this to us 3 times/year:yes: