why spy?

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  1. i did a search but am interested in why everyone loves the spy! i think the bag is stunning but why do you like it? any issues with it (aside from the spy closure/fading/wear for earlier bags)?

    many thanks in advance!
  2. I like it because i think it is a gorgeous bag and the leather is really supple! I have so far had no issues with my black spy so thats good :biggrin: Quality control from Fendi is generally very good.
  3. thanks - i appreciate it greatly. i guess i am a slow adapter because i am loving this bag now... late to the game. i just love the chocolate!! i think it can be dressed up or down - no?
  4. Definitely! Chocolate is a beautiful choice!

    Personally I think it can be dressed up or down. I have used my spy for casual with jeans, rock tees and flats and to dress it up i usually wear a dress and heels. I can definitely say the spy is one of the best bags i have used because it is so versatile and the spy compartment is really handy for your cellphone :biggrin:
  5. thanks - your black bag is gorgeous too!! decisions... decisions...
  6. Thank you! haha good luck on your choice! :biggrin:
  7. I just love the bubbly texture of the leather, I think it's just gorgeous! I love the size because although it's big, its still a comfortable bag to carry and if you only carry a few things in it, it really doesnt feel like a big bag at all. I think the design of it's beautiful, and I find the spy pouch to be more convenient than an interior pocket.
  8. Their is no bag made, that is like the spy, from the bubbly leather or the couture spys. They are stunning, in every way. A complete "Show stopper" yet can be elegant as well. The design of the bag is brilliant. I have so many spys and never had a moment problem with any of them
  9. thanks so much for ALL the insight...

  10. Oh I love this thread...I so want a Spy...but then again a baby Spy, but why not go for the motherlode so to speak and get the Spy....

    Gorgeous bag!
  11. Aside from the obvious shape and size, I think the Spy has so much cache because of the gorgeous, rich, sumptuous leather. Even from afar, you can tell it's a beautiful piece of leather and understand the luxury of the Spy.
  12. i like the spy generally but when i held it it didnt work out fo rme - an yes chocolate is the colour indeed! thats why i choose the guccisima indy in chocolate instead! :biggrin: i hope u love whichever bag u get!