Why some dogs attack their owners

  1. Here we go...:smile:
    dog1.jpg dog2.jpg dog3.jpg dog4.jpg dog5.jpg
  2. Oh, that is sooo cute!!!!! Ok I love the last picture!
  3. Hahahaha, aaaaw :smile: The last picture is sooo cute, I just wanna hold that little dog and hug it
  4. That last pic is just...:love: :love: :love:
  5. LOL!! too funny.
  6. Very cute! :biggrin:

    Just as well most dogs aren't easily embarrassed, isn't it? :lol:
  7. :shame: I dressed my Coby up in costume for his first halloween. He was a fireman...:love: and I am still alive to talk about it! :lol:
  8. I want to take that last one and just snuggle it up! What a precious face!!!!

    My chihuahua would hate me forever if I tried to make her wear a costume. She hates clothes. She has a divine purple fur coat that she refuses to wear. I gave up a long time ago.
  9. Lmao!!!
  10. sooo cute, love the last one! we have batman, superman & yoda for our dog but of course he hates them!
  11. ROFL!!! i loooove that last one!!

    ETA: OMG! i think i figured out the costume of the cute chi..it's the MONKEY KING!! (sai yau gei) right?? RIGHT??!! :P
  12. ohhh...sooo cute :love:
  13. HA HA HA My girls are in trouble.....you just gave me some ideas.:roflmfao:
  14. oh, I like the three headed dog one with Harry Potter standing right next to it,LOL.* Sorry, I have a strange love for Harry Potter!*

    the last picture is so cute though.. i just want to scoop him up and cuddle!
  15. OMG THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE~!!!! It makes me want to put my dogs into all sort of semi-humilating costumes now! LOLOL!!!