Why so much arguing and bickering everywhere?


Aug 8, 2008
I just don't understand it.

In person, on boards, on TV (both sitcoms and dramas). It's one of the main reasons I quit work a year earlier than I had planned to.

People argue over the stupidest things too. What to have for lunch. What to watch on TV. What music to listen to. You drive too fast. You drive too slow.

Seems like it doesn't take anything to start an argument. Some of the threads here go sideways for no reason at all. I've gotten to where I don't even post to most of them anymore. I start reading and people are sniping at each other. I just close the thread and move on.

I try to watch a comedy on TV and half the characters are arguing with the other half. How is that entertaining or funny?

This is one of the biggest reasons I've stopped dealing with the world on a daily basis. I do it when I have to and get back home as soon as I can.

Sep 7, 2008
It's nothing new, it's human nature to argue. Though why people bother arguing on Websites like YouTube, amuses me no end because why would any half sane person even bother?
To paraphrase Mercier and Sperber in their article in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, "People who argue are not after the truth but after arguments supporting their own views and opinions." When someone doesn't agree with your point of view, you can simply call them irrational and argumentative, and they can call you the same.
IMO, arguing with someone can tell you quite a bit about them, and in turn, it can help us recognise our own biases.
As for comedies on TV, I see your point, but by the same token, many people find reality TV shows about sub-lebreties and non-entities entertaining, and I fail to see how they're remotely interesting or entertaining. Now that's something I truly cannot fathom.