Why so many.............

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  1. Why so many Galliera's on eBay?

    I am hunting around for a Mono Galliera PM and an Ebene Neverfull MM or Saleya MM. Due to the stock shortage everywhere, I was contemplating buying a pre-owned good condition bag from one of the usual sites like Yoogi's, etc... and have been looking around on eBay also.

    There are TONS of Galliera's on eBay and hardly any Ebene Neverfulls. Why so many people selling their Galliera's??

    I realize there are lots of other bags on eBay too, I've just noticed this one and it caught my attention.

    Would love to have a new Galliera with the new rings, but seems very difficult to get your hands on one before January! 100% willing to buy a used Ebene Neverfull, but can't find them anywhere :sad:
  2. I would think it is because of the annoying black marks caused by the rings. Had I not taken mine into vuitton for ring and leather replacement, it would have ended up on ebay too. But I still love that bag!!
  3. probably because of the rings issue... plus a lot of people are going for the new delightful instead, as it has no ring issue...

  4. Re: Gallieras ~ There are so many probably because of the dark marks that the rings leave on the leather...I have the Azur Saleya MM and LVOE mine, so that one gets my vote too!
  5. I sold mine a few days ago after only 2 months..I just didn't like it on me!
  6. I loved mine, but had to sell it because of those rings with black marks. Sure hope these new plastic rings are going to solve it. :biggrin:
  7. As everyone else has said, probably the black marks caused by the brass rings. I still love mine. I think it looks great on. I use the invisible shield on my rings and no longer have issue with black marks.
  8. I should try this bag again...the very first time I tried it, I liked it, but then after that, it was always too biggish looking. I wonder if the straps were at the shortest when I first tried it? Now that the rings issue seems to be fixed, it's worth another look.
  9. Also because there are a lot of FAKE Galleria's out there... be very careful... they had fooled couple of our experts until VERY CLOSE inspections.