Why so many size 8's?

  1. I wear a size 5, or 5.5 in sneakers... why is that everytime I am looking for shoes there seem to be a million in size 8 or 8.5? I mean if there are so many women wearing this size, why are these the only ones you see on clearance? It just confuses me a bit!

    For example, at Bloomies right now, in their clearance section, it seems like almost every pair there is available in 8 or 8.5, but not a single 5?
  2. Odd. I'm an 8 - 8.5 and it seems like all the desirable shoes in my size are already snatched up in the sales racks. :sad: A lot of the time I wish I was either a size smaller or a size bigger as I've seen some great deals for those shoe sizes!
  3. i too am an 8, and i swear that every time i go to the BH Barney's, all the amazing Louboutins are a 5.5 or 6.
  4. all I ever find are small sizes and I am 8 or 8.5.....
  5. 8 must be the average size so stores always order too many 8's. I'm a 6.5/7 and sometimes I wish I could be a taller just so I could wear an 8. It's such a convenient shoe size.
  6. I think 8.0-9.0 is the most popular shoe size range, it also depends on the city/area you live in and what sells in the particular region.
  7. Lol..yeah I know. It's weird, I used to be a size 8 then either the shoes started being made larger or my feet shrank..now I'm about a 6.5-7.5. And for me, those sizes are ALWAYS gone. I was in Old Navy the other day lusting over these gray quilted velvet flats..the 6's were a tad too small and the 8's were way too big. They had a ton of larger sizes but no 7's. :cursing:
  8. oh bummer! i just checked online for you and they're all sold out except for size 9!
  9. I think it's Murphy's Law. You're always going to find a crapload of shoes in the size that isn't yours, no matter where you are.
  10. Where do you shop, because I get a bunch of the really strange shoes in my size (8.5). While I love Chanel and all, I'm not buying a $475 pair of patent capped and PVC (!!!) ballerinas, nor am I getting the hot pink and black Prada sandals (oy!)

    Heheh, I think blackbird's got it right :smile:
  11. I worked in a shoe store when I was in university and the styles would come in in the quantities of 1x36, 1x37, 2x38, 2x39, 1x40, 1x41. I suppose it goes off the average and more popular sizes being a 38 and 39... but it means if you're bigger or smaller than average you have to get in there quick! I often notice on NAP it's those sizes that sell out first...

    But I totally agree with blackbird, the shoes you want are so often available in every other size but yours!
  12. That is so true! :lol: (although I am a size 8....)
  13. Argh, thanks for looking though! :smile:
    I've checked 2 Old Navy's and one had every size BUT mine and the one I checked today didn't even have the gray at all!
  14. I think 7.5 is the most popular shoe size, but 8.0 and 8.5 come close. Sucks at sales, huh? :sad:
  15. i'm a 7-7.5 and it always seems like everyone snatches those up!