Why so many different "names' for the same bags?!

  1. I'm confused and I know others have been confused about what a certain bag is called. The reissues seem to cause the most confusion, but here is another one!

    I just made a post about a bag that my Saks SA called the: "Ultra Soft Caviar Calfskin with New chain." It looked like a Caviar flap, but the leather was really soft. It also had a dark gray chain instead of the leather in the chain. Saks had a medium one in white, NM had a jumbo in white but I wanted to find a jumbo in black.

    When I made the post, responses told me it was the "Distressed Hybrid flap w/ finished bijoux chain."

    I then got the style # from Saks and called the Chanel 800#. They told me the bag was: A Timeless Classic with Grained Calfskin and Ruthenium Chain!


    How can one bag be called at least three different things?! I'm assuming the Chanel 800# has the correct name cause they took it straight from the tag off the smaller bag.

    Does anyone have any answers? Are these all "legitimate" names of bags that were made by Chanel that maybe look similar to the bag I am looking for? Or do certain bags just start getting called "something" when it's not really the correct name?

    I'd sure appreciate any info on why there are so many different names for what seems to be the same bag? Thanks!:nuts:
  2. I think the "hybrid" name is something we popularized here at tPF because many people confused it with the reissue. In my mind, when somebody uses the term "hybrid", they could be referring to the MM lock + interwoven chain flap OR the MM lock + bijoux chain flap.
  3. If you look at the white tag on any style flap it will say Chanel flap. If you think we're confused, think of the SAs when we call asking for something without a style code and color code. And even with that, if the bag is not current and the SA isn't into being Sherlock Holmes, the bag can be in the stock room and we're told sorry, we don't have it. It's not easy searching for your heart's desire, let alone being addicted to Chanel :smile:
  4. As I am quickly finding out!!!

    Thanks ladies!