Why so long????

  1. An SA I am working with placed a request for me to Italy for a special order more than 3 weeks ago...and I am still waiting to hear back. I did call her last week to touch base, still no word. Anyone know why this would take so long? It is a bit frustrating, if it is going to go through I would like to get the order in ASAP. I already know that the wait time can potentially be months for an SO to be made...but why such a long wait time just for a yes or no? Anybody have any insight?
  2. You shouldn`t be worried that they forgot your request, Olympia. Since BVs are handmade there are lots of factors we might not even know about that can affect the decision. Is a special treatment of a certain colour going to affect how the leather strips can be shaped? Would a certain colour dismatch with the hardware, would Nappa Umbria react differently than Nappa would and all those are probably questions that have to be considered, so it might take time. They don`t work on an assembly line so handcraft is a time-consuming process.

    What were you looking forward to get done?
  3. Thanks for your input C_24! I requested a small flap clutch/cosmetic case in ottone. The SA I talked to suggested the special order and was really helpful....I guess I am just so excited to KNOW if I can have this or not:shame:...I am really hoping they come through and will make it!
  4. ^I`m keeping my fingers crossed and I`m excited too, seeing all the new gorgeous Ottone pieces around the forum!
  5. I know that they need to clear all SO's with the creative director before they can agree to it being made, at the moment they are just getting out the SS collections in store so maybe they are a bit tied up. I've put in requests for SO's a couple of times and was told that it does take a few weeks before you get a definate yes/no and a price/timescale. Strangely enough both times I ended up finding the item myself before I got the reply from BV!!!
  6. Not only getting out the SS08 collections in store, but aren't the FW08 shows coming up later this month? I suspect it is a pretty busy time in the BV world! And I also recall from others who have told about their SO requests here that even when it isn't an extra busy time like this it can take several weeks... so I definitely wouldn't worry yet, Olympia177!
  7. ^Yes, the collection for F/W 08 is presented on Feb 19th! Can`t wait!!!
  8. Animal print Montaigne!:woohoo: Animal print Montaigne! :woohoo:Animal print Montaigne! :woohoo:
  9. ^ Haha!

    You def know what you want to see, BookerMoose! :p I can't wait for the show either. Always have been more of a Fall/ Winter girl even though I live in Singapore! :p

    Hang in there, Olympia! As C said, it's prolly a busy busy busy period for the craftsmen in Vicenza where they roll out all these goodies for us! I'm definitely crossing my fingers for your Ottone cosmetic pouch, and boy, will it be worth the wait! :yes:
  10. ooh, f/w 2008 is coming? can't wait!
  11. 4 weeks and counting....*sigh*
  12. Olympia177, I have a SA coming. It took BV at least a month to get me a quote. And after ordering it, it's been almost 6 months and I still haven't received it, yet... still waiting patiently.
  13. Thanks so much uclaboi! That really makes me feel much better!!! I am waiting as patiently as possible, and am glad to hear it is not just ME! I know it'll be worth it in the end if I can get what I am looking for! Thanks again, you really cheered me up! :smile:
  14. Wow, uclaboi, I had forgotten about your special order! It's really been 6 months? You must be VERY patient!
  15. Wow, uclaboi, six months! I ordered mine in late July... so I'm almost there with you too. Olympia, hopefully this gives you comfort that you're not the only one!