Why Silk Jersey Scarves Are So Much More Expensive?

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  1. As the title says... just curious...
    Anyone got one maybe can explain to me? Is it really that much nicer compared to regular silk twill?
  2. I don't know exactly, but I would assume it is a much different printing process than silk twill. The fabric isn't hemmed by rolling, but in another way. It's sort of ribbed. I am not a seamstress, so I don't know the terminology. They drape beautifully, they are surprisingly hardy, but they wrinkle easily. I have two of them. They are so gorgeous.
  3. I worked for designer who used silk jersey as a staple in their work every season and the idea of making scarves came up at a meeting. Jersey silk is virtually impossible to hem as a scarf, I'm sure the process contributes to the cost.
  4. I don't own one, but is it really even easier to wrinkle than regular twill? So what are the pros of silk jersey then?
  5. i adore silk jersey, they drape ridiculously well and are spectacular worn as tops in the summer months, or under a jacket later in the season. they feel sexy and are so soft next to the skin. i find regular carres need some time to "soften up"
    silk jersey and dipdyes have that soft feel immediately.
  6. I agree. It takes a few wears of the silk twill to get it to soften up. Silk jersey does drape very well. I'm sure there are pictures of members wearing their jerseys around.
  7. So if you are just wearing it as normal scarf then we can't really get the full benefit then? Because when wearing scarf (esp. tight knot) how it drapes doesn't really matter?
  8. It drapes beautifully no matter how you wear it. Even wearing like a normal scarf. They are my absolute favorite. The feel is so wonderful and I find I wrinkle my silk twills more readily than the jerseys for some reason.

    I would pick a jersey over a 90 cm twill any day. I love them as much as I do the 70 cm scarves. The hand is just awesome.
  9. Thanks to OP for starting this thread. :smile:
    My question would not refer so much to the price itself, but to jersey scarf usability, elegance, impression it gives.
    Namely, I adore Carre en Carres which is available only in jersey version, http://usa.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10202&catalogId=10052&langId=-1&categoryId=89246&leftCategoryId=88263&topCategoryId=127524&parentCategoryId=127531&productId=65152&nbItem=0
    I have been contemplating about it, as I have never intended to buy a jersey scarf - although I have not even touched it for my prejudice that jersey scarf would look lifeless, would hang too much and so on...but this design really made me crazy and now I have a reason to thing about jersey a lot.
    Can anyone post an action photo of the jersey scarf worn in "traditional" way, I mean when worn around the neck, not as a top (as I do not wear tops a lot). Many thanks in advance :smile:
  10. I have gone through this thread a lot of times.
    However, most pics refer either to the jerseys worn as tops or worn with one very long end hanging down, whereas I would prefer a "regular" scarf look (let's say, half ascott knot with same length of scarf ends hanging down). I have not found such the pics at all.
    Thanks anyhow.
    I might reconsider the scarfs worn as tops.

  11. Carre en Carre was done in a silk twill and GM shawl, as well as in the silk jersey.
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    I think it could be rationalized by weight of the scarf as well, the jerseys are heavier as there is more silk in them. But then, it could just be H pricing :graucho:, who knows. And yes, it has a very different feel.

    I think Carre en carre does exist as a normal twill, the website never has the full range of items, just a subset. If you visit the store, you may well find the regular 90 twill carre.

    Here's a few pix of Cheval sur mon carre and Brides de gala jerseys worn knotted. HTH.

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  13. ^ crossposted with Mistikat.
  14. jersey is knit not woven