Why Signature??? please explain to the newb...


which do you prefer/have more of (not only coach)?

  1. leather pieces

  2. signature pieces

  3. love both and have approx equal amount of both

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  1. hi girls,

    i'm new to coach...have 3 purses in my small collection. i LOVE them. they're all leather...the quality is outstanding. one of the bags is even used, and still looks GREAT!

    so here is a question...

    why do you like signature pieces? to me they just don't look as timeless and classic as the leather stuff. it's probably because i like stuff simple...and signature stuff is much more ornate, detailed...busy...

    why would you want writing on your bag???
  2. I really like them both equally, therefore I have several of each. I really do love the look of signature. Here is a pic. of my collection. Kind of shows the differences in my tastes.
    Ebay Pics 309.jpg
  3. personally, i just really like the way most signature looks. if i like it, i'll buy it. if i like the same item but only leather, then that's what i'll get. it's about what is pleasing to your tastes.
  4. I never thought I would want to carry a signature bag. I don't want to be a walking advertisement for any company. I made an exception for Coach and bought a black on black signature bag, because it's not overly noticeable and because C is my initial. Since then the C's have really grown on me. Now I wouldn't have a problem carrying any Coach signature bag that caught my eye. It's funny how your tastes can change. I have also noticed that I get more complements on signature bags than leather bags. I don't think they are nicer, I think it's that people recognize the brand because of the C's and feel the need to comment. As far as cost, I wouldn't buy a bag based on resale value and so far my signature bag has held up just as well as my leather one. It seems to me that the lining of a bag is the first thing to wear out anyway, but maybe that's just my pattern of wear and tear.

    I vote both are great!
  5. I love signature. I prefer signature pieces over leather for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is that I am afraid of scratching leather. The signature fabric is worry free in that way. It wears great and I have never had a problem keeping it nice and clean, but I baby my bags! Also, I love having a variety of textures on my bags (signature print, leather, suede...the more the better for me. I love all those little details).
  6. I used to be a strictly leather girl until I just recently bought a black sig duffel and I love it! It just seems a bit more durable and water resilent (I'm in Oregon). I love both a lot though!
  7. I used to ONLY buy Coach leather...then my hubby bought me my FIRST signature Coach hobo in khaki siggy w/ camel trim and I was in LOVE!!! I LOVE the durability of the signature, meaning that you can throw it anywhere and nothing will happen to it (and w/ 2 children, I need to be able to do that!!!)...also w/ signature you do not have to apply anything to it to protect it., it's already protected!! It doesnt scratch! Lastly...it's VERY easy to keep clean (if it gets a stain, you just apply the Coach signature cleaner to the stain and voila...stain GONE!!!!) Signature always looks brand new...especially the DARKER colors like black/black and brown/brown!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!! HOWEVER there are CERTAIN bags I do prefer in leather...like Coach's legacy leather line!
  8. and I forgot...you dont have to worry about it in the rain OR snow!!! The water just rolls right off the bag and doesnt leave any stains/marks on it!!! AND it's VERY lightweight....oh, I could GO ON...and on...LOLOLOL
  9. I like either, it just depends on what bag it is. Like on the Carly, the sig was more appealing to me than the leather, while I prefer the legacy bag in leather. I think it's great to have a bit of varitey in my collection anyway and wouldn't want *all* sig or *all* leather.
  10. I got my first leather bag in June & I love it! It's soft and supple and although I have 8 sig. bags, I just think the leather is richer looking.
  11. I like to have variety in my handbag collection. So I have leather, signature, and fabric pieces. I think it's nice to have a little bit of everything so I have something for every occasion. I have bags I consider more casual and other's that are dressier. Also different bags are better for different weather and seasons. So that's why I like having signature in my collection along with the leather and fabric bags. :yes:
  12. I like both but prefer signature because the bags aren't as heavy and when I have to stick them in my locker or desk at work I don't worry about scratches.
  13. I have mostly signature pieces and only one leather Coach piece (for now!).

    I guess my tastes have changed. I used to despise coach sig (as well as LV monogram) but now I love the pop of sig with my wardrobe...I hardly ever wear prints anymore so I like how my signature pieces stand out!

    It's not for all occasions, however. I wouldn't take signature on a job interview, for example.
  14. All my bags are leather (even other brands). The only peice that is semi signature is my coach pink zebra bag. I LOVE LOVE LOVE leather! It's just so pretty and it's just everything about leather. The signature bags scare me too because if you spill something on it it won't wipe off as easily. Besides, I like stealth wealth better.
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