Why should we have to pay for repairs??

  1. The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. My French Purse is a little over a year old and the stitching is coming out and loose in places. If I'm spending over $500 for a wallet, logic seems to dictate that LV should stand behind their craftsmanship and fix it for free or replace it? Thoughts??
  2. That's how I feel about bags in general! They should have at least a one year warranty on them! Especially if you just bought the bag a few weeks ago and then it starts showing imperfections that are not normal wear and tear. Then that's just poor quality control!
  3. I wonder what they charge for. The zipper hardware and the tab on my old Speedy 30 came loose and they fixed it for me for free! I was impressed. They were going to put a brand new tab on there too but I told them to keep the old one on. How odd would it look with brand new vachetta?!
  4. I thought LV did have a one yr coverage on them, so would that not be covered?
  5. I was told that there is a two year warranty on wallets.
  6. Yea, Im pretty sure that there's a 1 year warranty.:huh:
  7. I just rang LV in Australia and they said no warranty at all:blink: I thought it was one year as well.:blink:
  8. In Minnesota, the boutique told me there is a two year warranty. If there are any manufacturer problems it will be fixed or a new bag would be given to you for free
  9. If it were me I would walk into the store with receipt and bag in hand and make a stink. They hate it when ppl do that. They like for everybody to be happy. Especially if you are in the middle of the sales floor asking why in the world this isn't covered if I am spending bookoo bucks on your merchandise!!!
  10. I sent back my cerise speedy to replace the handles, that's going to be around $150.
  11. I agree...Especially since FENDI repairs for FREE:rant:
  12. Well I shot off an email to LV so we'll see if that gets me anywhere. I personally don't think there should be a time limit unless you are simply abusing your purse/wallet. But for something like this, they absolutely should repair it - and with a smile!
  13. Lori, I am with you on this one!!!
  14. Thanks - I just don't get it and think its pretty crappy CS - we'll see what the LV corporate says .....
  15. I believe that it should be free for the first few years since they stand behind their product. Not a 20 year old bag though.