Why Should People Not Carry Replica Handbags

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  1. Please can you ladies give me info about fake handbags, and why you guys are against it... Is it because you feel it is unfair, that people just asume you have a fake, just because alot of people carry fakes.. :shrugs:
  2. Hi, because its against the law and if you pay $1000 for a bag, do you really want somone with a copy of it ?
  3. ^ ITA, well put, it's against the law.
  4. Umm its against the law, it is tacky, TONS of reasons!! Fakes are terrible!!
  5. I was just eating whilst I typed my last post so it wasnt very long.

    If everyone on this forum bought fakes, Louis Vuitton as a brand would not be the same. Louis Vuittons clientele would go down and as a result Louis Vuitton would collapse, you have to think of the long term disadvantages. I know that there are not millions of members on this forum BUT there are ALOT of people and alot of people who buy VERY expensive bags from the shop. If people just bought a fake of the bag they wanted then the reputation of LV would go down also.

    It is also Illegal and you can get a jail sentence. It is exactly the same as copying Cash, would you want to work for fake cash ?

    heres some info:

    A counterfeit is an imitation that is made usually with the intent to deceptively represent its content or origins. The word counterfeit most frequently describes forged currency or documents, but can also describe clothing, software, pharmaceuticals, watches, or any other manufactured item, especially when this results in patent infringement or trademark infringement.
  6. try doing a serach please, this has been beaten to death as you can imagine being that this is a handbag website.
    Main reason though, THEY'RE ILLEGAL.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.