why sex and the city is good for the soul..

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which color for the madison?

  1. striped!

  2. classy black!

  3. you idiot go yell STELLA at JAX and get back your zoe!

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  1. Some of you may remember my excitement when the zoe clutch came out. I'm a minimalist, love the clutch chic look, and with the fun striped print, I thought it couldn't get better.

    Till I got it. Only my cell and key pouch could fit comfortably in there. my mini nano had no place in it. I also contemplated the madison flap, thinking it would be smart to have the striped clutch and the black flap. But watching a couple of sex and the city episodes tonight since I have a very early day tomorrow made me realize how easy it could be to pull off a bigger lighter clutch then a heavier smaller clutch. And you dont have to sacrifice sanity for style. So I decided that with the return of the key pouch, the madison would be perfect, since it also has a strap I could just dangle and enjoy it both ways.

    Now I just have to decide whether to wait till the PCE or what. And what color! Sometimes it just clicks at the most random times!
  2. wait for the pce and get a striped madison! i think you'll love it SO much more than the zoe!
  3. and as a sidenote, can you believe i've NEVER seen satc until earlier this week?! why did no one force me to sit down and watch this earlier!!! some friends i have!
  4. go for the madison! (striped of course)
  5. I know you thought the zoe was way to small...so go with the madison...but stay striped!