Why sell an item and not ship? Poshmark

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  1. I have only bought a few things off Posh and had good luck. I just purchased a bag and the seller accepted my offer within an hour. Now it is day 5 almost 6 and it has not been shipped? So my understanding is that I can cancel on day 7? So frustrating and why sell the item if you are not going to bother to ship it??
  2. I am going through that now unfortunately. I purchased a very expensive item and the seller hasn't sent the item and it has been two weeks. I messaged them over 10 times now. I purchased not on poshmark but bonanza . I also saw the seller listed the item on a few other sites a week after I paid then when I messaged them asking about it they ignored me completely. . I am not sure why these people sell then don't ship other than scammers.
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  3. SAME HERE. I bought a romper June 16 and I told the girl I need it for a party. She replied to my questions after I purchased and was very nice. I asked her Wednesday when she plans to ship ( mind you, this is 6 days after I purchased) and she never replied. I asked her again Thursday and once again no reply. I'm PISSED to say the least. :/ 8 days after purchasing and totally ignoring your buyer is rude. Why would you sell it to me if you have no intention of shipping. It's now June 24. Still hasn't shipped and still hasn't told me what's going on. I'm screwed because I was banking on wearing it to a themed party next week. SMDH.
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  4. Any update?
    Any updates on the purchases?
    My seller said she has a family emergency and was out of town. She told me she shipped the bag on Monday night....well it is now Wednesday morning and NO tracking #. If one does not show up by this afternoon, I am just going to cancel my order. I contacted Posh customer service and they said as soon as the post office scans the label it should update with the tracking info. Oh well...so annoying!
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  5. I had to file a paypal claim and wait the full 10 days then on the 11th day got refund when the claim was closed. The sad thing is I saw the exact bag being sold on different auction sites after I send 10 + emails to the seller begging for a response. So the seller is definitely a scammer. I also noticed on one particular site, all the items they have ever had for sale, were ended early (chanel bags, hermes, concert tickets). I am not sure how these people can rip people off without any remorse.
    I have only had this happen to me once in years so I guess it was bound to happen.
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  6. It happens all the time! I've been buying on Posh for almost 3 years now. I only get 75% of my purchases. The others end up wasting my time, and I have to cancel to get my money back after 7 days. I think giving these creep sellers 7 days is way too long! It's really unfortunate that Posh has so many "listers", but not sellers. People like to list, wheel and deal, then they don't follow through and face no consequences with Posh at all! Posh truly does not care. It's very frustrating. I'm sorry you went through this, but be prepared for it to happen many more times....
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  7. I am new to Poshmark, it's been over two weeks since I submitted a bid.....and nothing. I used Paypal. How long is a Poshmark bid good for? Does it expire at some point? I could not seem to find this info on the site anywhere.
  8. Ah, nevermind, kind PFer's.....I see on Poshmark that my offer did expire on it's own! Thanks for being here anyhow!
  9. I don't use PM so I'm asking this question out of curiosity.

    When you say you used Paypal, does that mean you paid for the item? Or do they just hold your money in escrow? And if you paid, does the refund go through automatically after it expires?
  10. Hi, Paypal holds the money in escrow and pays the sell after you receive the item and are satisfied. I believe it is three days after tracking says item has reached you?? That is when Paypal releases money to seller.....so if there is a problem, notify immediately.
  11. And to add, yes, the money never really "left" me so Paypal didn't have to refund me. But if the seller would have accepted my bid, PP would have paid her. I found another of the same bag....just left the seller a message asking if it was still available. I hope to get this one! :smile:
  12. Thank you.
  13. I know im resurrecting an old thread but this must be happening often. I ordered 3 items this month on Posh. 2/3 did not fulfill the order or think to communicate this to me. I'm fully expecting the 3rd to be another time waster-I cannot for the life of me understand it.
  14. Yep, I've had it happen a few times. I put one comment on the listing asking if they intend to ship around day 5-6 and if no response, I just cancel as soon as Posh lets me. If they respond, but then don't follow through, I also cancel as soon as they've missed whatever deadline they said they'd ship by.

    The ones that really confuse me are the ones who make an offer to likers then disappear when a liker accepts it! People are weird. (Once there really was an emergency and the posher had to freeze her closet and my purchase was just unfortunately timed, but that is rare.)
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