Why sell a new handbag withOUT tags?

  1. This has probably been asked before, when I look at e-bay listings of handbags, there are tons that claim to be 'new without tags'? What's the logic???
  2. Not sure with bags, but sometimes I try clothes on and take the tags off, but NWOT bags i usually guess as used 1-2 times lol
  3. I'm sure it's not some conspiracy. Lol.

    Well, I'm sure there could be many reasons but the obvious one that comes to me is to ask yourself....do you ALWAYS get tags with your clothes? I've purchased many items before which didn't have the price tag so I just ask the cashier the price and if I like it, I buy it. No point in getting them to retag it.

    OR I purchase with the intent of using it myself, so I take the tag off but then I never do.
  4. ^Yeah that's what I do sometimes. In the case of clothing, I may take the tags off and try it on (at home of course) intending to wear it one day but then I never do. Luckily I keep most all of my tags so while they may not be on, I do have them.
  5. A lot of internet sites (i.e., Neiman Marcus) leave tags off when shipping. Or the person may have cut them and then changed their mind.

    I find a lot with bags that they have been used a few times. You may be seeing this more lately since I hear eBay has been removing a lot of "Like New" listings.
  6. I've sold NWOT bags before. I would buy a bag and take the tag off immediately because I thought I would use it. After the bag was sitting in my closet for awhile, I would just sell it because I didn't use it & knew I wouldn't use it. I usually keep the tags but they just aren't attached.
  7. I agree- I am terrible with this! I normally cut the tags off right away because 1) I think I'm going to carry it right away, and 2) I don't want DH to see the price!:smile: Then I either lose the tag or have thrown it out by the time I realize I actually am not going to carry the bag. Also, sometimes I will carry it for a couple hours and realize it's not for me, or is too big/too small. I'll inspect it thoroughly, and if it is in perfect condition, I see no problem in calling it NWOT.
  8. Ditto.....I'm so finicky when it comes to bags. I'll love it at the store, bring it home, snip off the tags and carry it maybe 1-2 times and then it goes into the dust bag in my closet.:shrugs:
  9. I never advertise a used 1-2x item as NWOT. Once it's been worn (as in, not just tried, but walking outside, putting stuff in it, etc.) it's USED. But I think a lot of people think 1-2x is pretty much as used as many people trying it on in a store or else, they simply know they can get away with it. I suggest if you're giving it as a gift, go with new with tags. However, IMO, if it's for personal use, 1-2x doesn't really matter as long as there are no damages.
  10. i also am a impulsive shopper, i remove tags then decide i don't really want it anymore so off it may go.. NWOT
  11. I just bought a Prada from a Prada dealer that doesn't have the price tag attached to it. Their displays have the product info card attached to them with the price, but mine has the card in the Prada envelope with the authenticity card. I'm going to sell the bag, so is this NWOT because the tag is not physically attached to the bag?

  12. I do the same all the time and I hate to do it. I buy thing thinking "oh, this shirt would look good with this", and always take the tags off and never wear them, especially jeans. I have so many that I bought and never used and I just forgot to take them back to the store for a return and now its too late. Sometimes I like something but I dont love it and if I feel like it is a real bargain and I cant beat the price I buy it and I even tell DH, if I change my mind I can always sell it on eBay!!.. rarely do it :shame::shame: so there you go, I ended up buying something I did not love or wear and like my money went to the drain...
    sorry :back2topic: I've sold NWOT bags on eBay, but they were not designer bags, they were more like billabong, roxy, nine west kind of bags.
  13. Dooney Outlet in Reading takes ALL tags off their bags at the register.
  14. I've only sold one or two bags as NWOT, but I had the tags, just not attached to the bag, same reasoning as others have said, thought i'd use it and then didn't. That'll teach me to take the tags off! LOL
  15. Hi
    I agree with some of the previous comments. I would assume someone bought the bag and took the tags off and then changed their mind, or maybe got it as a gift and if the tags were off could not return it.