Why sales are GOOD

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  1. :wtf: OK....so I knew sales are good but here is why they are especially GOOD for me..maybe you too...
    Here were the approximate costs of the following bags for Nordstroms
    Venetia 290
    Sling 160
    zip clutch 158
    When I think about that... say a sling for 160..bought in huge numbers..still means that to make money and cover overhead..etc..the cost to make manufacture, advertise, sell etc. the sling has to be under 80. So when I pay 200 for a bag in close out the manufacturer is still at least breaking even if not making money.
    I do not in the least feel bag if I buy a bag at 50% of because at that...for instance Nordstrom is still making..like on the sling...895 list...about 300.
    I know everything is usually 100% markup and then 100% again to stores..but this seems a bit much..when we long and save and debt for these bags...
    What do you all think? maggie:confused1:
  2. makes me realize that it must cost about $30 to make a coach bag...LOL!

    no, i know what you mean, though - i always remind myself of that when i feel like i'm getting TOO good a deal ;)
  3. :wlae: I've decided this one must have been hard for people to read, hear and comment on...It's the therapist in me that wants us to be ok WHILE we are enjoying and loving our bags. Just look at my lists..it hasn't stopped me.:drool: mags.
  4. Maggie - were those the prices at the regular Nordies or the Rack stores? I'm heading to my state's Nordstrom Racks a couple of days after Christmas to spend Christmas money. I'm getting more than one bag if the prices are that good! LOL
  5. ^^ I think she means those are Nordstrom's costs of stocking the bags and not the sale prices...right? otherwise I'm off to buy out the MJ stock at Nordstrom

  6. Oh...d'uh!!:Push: :Push: You are so right!! I was distracted by those low prices and couldn't think of anything else!! LOL...

  7. Actually... to get a decent leather bag made... 15 bucks is usually a decent FOB, maybe even a little expensive. Markup is HUGE on these bags.
  8. When I worked for a company that made software, they recouped the price of development the first year of sales and after that is was all gravy for them. If I remember right it was like .15 for the actual cost at that point and the rest was pure profit. maggie
  9. omg do they still have any zip clutches at that price? or venetias? which nordstrom is this?