Why SA is mean and how they get the job ?

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  1. 1/ Many people say that Hermes SA mean and snobby. I wonder why? Do they work on commission? Do you think Hermes teach them to be mean?

    2/ How are they getting their jobs?

    Just really want to know what is the deal with SA ? Shopping must be pleasure and fun, not weird masochistic pleasure :tdown: I mean they have to assist you, not give you the attitude. That what they was hired for -to assist.

    I usually have excellent service and last time I was in Hermes it was good , but ....it was still a little funny. I did not ask for Birkin or so,just looked at some Kellys , I like scarfs. But it makes me sick to read that some people was mistreated by SA .

    Am I kind of nuts and just do not understand the " Rule of the game" ? :wtf:
  2. i find that many are aloof.... condescending.......generally unhelpful............ more than they are mean. that beng said many are very nice
  3. My SAs are super nice and love to talk about Hermes, new styles, colors, leathers etc. -- especially if you show you are really interested.
  4. I have always thought people who are nasty towards people do so because they are unhappy. So I guess if a Sa is inpolite with you, it's because they hate their job? Just wondering.
  5. i oways believe that if the SAs are rude, it goes back to the mgr-in-charge of the store...

    in general (not all, but from what i have observed) - its the store mgr tt tolerates such behavior thus the SAs result this way.
  6. I think that for some people, they have no business working in a luxury goods environment. What I mean is this...they are salespeople, not hedge fund traders. They aren't going to make huge amounts of money. It has to be grating to some SA that they are are selling something that they can never really afford and sometimes selling to people who don't understand the quality or workmanship. How would you feel selling a croc Kelly to Ms. Spears, for instance, knowing that it might be left behind or trashed. You would be furious knowing how you would treat it yourself and how the other people didn't deserve it!
  7. I know, right?!

    LOL, luckily we can be fairly certain that never happened since that bag has all the hallmarks of an egregious fake. ;)
  8. No excuse for SA,s to act this way there in the wrong job if they are
    its there problem not the clients
  9. I don't know what the hiring criteria for Hermes is. I have had really awful experiences and superb ones. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Once you find a nice SA hang on for dear life.
  10. I have the most wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable SAs, they make my shopping experience so rewarding and pleasurable.
  11. I have only had good experiences, but DH had a bad one in Vegas, but then a nice one swooped right in and rescued him, thank goodness. It nearly put him off the brand.
  12. The SA at H in my country are all very nice to me but then they can be mean to someone I know sometime. I think it depends on their mood just like us. But I believe that they shouldn't be mean and look down on anyone who are intersted in their products not for any reasons.

    Some SA in Europe can be really nice but some just don't. That's why I love Japan. No one would dare thread you badly and I am so happy to be there since everyone is super polite.
  13. I honestly adore my SA and the others at my local store, but have had slightly unpleasant experiences while traveling....I really never take it personally but usually would never buy w/ an unpleasant person.
  14. I've shopped at Hermes stores in London, Australia (all stores), New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Vienna, Salzberg, Nice, Frankfurt, Georges V and Noumea and out of all these stores, I recieved impeccable service with the exception of Nice, where the service was deplorable.

    So, my point is, out of all that, one bad experience is a pretty good track record? I'm always surprised when people experience bad service at Hermes - I wonder if it's because there is an expectation of "friendliness", when many SA's could be descrbed as "aloof"? I never take an aloof attitude as offensive...perhaps it's just me?

    I have heard of bad stories here, where customers have been completely ignored and worse, but I can't count aloof as bad service......I wonder if I am the only one?
  15. One word: Powertrip!