Why RM doesn't make the tag unattachable once it's cut

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but when I paid full price for a new bag, I don't want one that is used. I personally think that there should be some tag on the outside of the bag that once you remove it/cut it, it is no longer capable of attaching it back.

    Right now, RM's bag's tag is hooked with a little chain which you can easily remove and clip it back on. I do think there are some bad apples out there who uses the bag, find out they don't like it and return it...Think there are lots of pretending to be NEW with TAG items on ebay. Like you will see a 2 years old bag posted and say it's new....

    Wondering if anyone share the same thoughts with me :confused1:
  2. I totally agree with you.. I know of one seller on *bay that definitely does this. She has been since banned from TPF but still sells on ebay used bags as new. I'm sure she's not the only one.. But I don't think this problem would necessarily be solved if RM tags were different as this happens with all brands I think.. A lot of seller will say NWT but the tag are detached.. They are still saying the bag is new but that they just took the tags off, kwim?
  3. A bag being from a few seasons ago but labeled as "new with tags", though, might very well be completely unused. Before I got better about being very picky before I bought, I would buy bags, think I loved them, and then never use it - and I'm talking, sitting in the closet for more than a year unused. Completely stupid, I know, but when I went to list those bags, they had been stored carefully, tags never taken off, and were completely unused. So while some cases may be stretching the truth, some of those bags are most definitely unused.
  4. yea i agree with what you mean! A lot of sellers sell bags new without tags too. I personally disclose if the bag has been used even once. I do have some bags that i bought when I first joined TPF that i NEVER EVER used, and have just been stored, which I would sell as new. I use to get caught up in the frenzy of sales and buy bags, and then wound up with too many and never used some of them... I don't consider that to be wrong? :shrugs:
  5. Hi littlerock80: is there a list of dishonest eBay seller somewhere? I agree with you that RM is not the only brand whose tag can be reattached. But this is something RM can do to prevent the situation. Stores like Saks and Neiman do occasionally put their own price tag on the bag with those plastic string. I just wish there is an easy way to tell for all circumstances.
  6. Mingtze- that's not exactly what I mean.. I know I wasn't very clear. What I mean is what desi said.. Any bag can be claimed as new with or without the tags.. you know?
  7. This is SO true! I have had mt wine nikki for a while now and haven't used it!! I love it and wouldn't ever dream of selling it but I haven't had the occasion to wear her yet.. I've kind of been saving it.. so it's very true that a bag can it around unused.
  8. In that situation, the tag is never taken off and I absolutely understand this as I do have a Dior plisse sitting in my closet in its dust bag and box.

    Guess I'm actually referring to ways on how to prevent a used bag (try out at home won't count but actually carrying it out of the house) pretending to be new. When we are buying over the internet, we can't examine the bag and we can only hope for the best and trust the seller...That's why I think an un-re-attachable tag will make a difference.
  9. I agree in principle - but you know that there are ebay sellers who actually buy those tag attacher things too right, to re-attach the tags that are held on with plastic? So unfortunately I don't think the type of tag makes a big difference. Scammers will always find ways to reattach tags, unfortunately.
  10. It's really hard to try and control the way a product is handled once it's out of a retailer and into the hands of another person and I'm pretty sure some sellers will go the extra step to make a few more bucks - it's a bit disheartening especially when you know that out there, there are some genuine sellers who have something great to offer. The best thing you can do is ask lots of questions, look at photos and of course get some knowledgable minkettes to ensure you make a good purchase from a good seller :smile:
  11. I guess there is just no way but to ask tons of question and use your best judgement then hope for the best. Thanks a lot for everyone's responses!
  12. When I received my BBW MAM from The Hip Chick I noticed that it didn't have plastic covering the metal parts of the zipper pulls. I thought I had seen plastic covering new hardware on brand new bags. Should my bag have had the covers? Or do bags with tassels not have the plastic wrapping? TIA
  13. Another thing to consider is that sometimes bags come brand new from retailers without tags attached. I bought one of my bags brand new from Nordstroms but it came without any tags at all, neither RM's nor Nordie's. There's no way to guarantee that a bag with tags is brand new nor is it possible to be sure that a bag without tags ISN'T new. At some point we're just going to have to determine from photos, the seller's word, and actual condition of the bag if it's new or not and if it's worth the asking price.
  14. This is why I stay far away from the ebay. It scares me. I am way to anal to be taking any chances. I feel there are too many horror stories out there for me to do any more than just look. That said, I know there are many honest sellers out there, but I am scared of the what it. I don't have the best bag luck.

    As far as major department stores go. You can most definitely buy a "new" bag that is in fact not new at all. Most department stores have such lenient return policies that you can return an item MONTHS after you bought it with no tags and just a receipt. Sometimes you do not even need a receipt if you are cool with getting a store credit. I have seen many obviously used bags, clothes and shoes on the sales floor. Its gross.
  15. Hi Ramon- No need to worry! The plastic hardware coverings only started with bags that have the new, updated hardware. If you have a bag with tassels than it shouldn't have come with plastic.

    I think the plastic is to prevent the new shiny gold hardware from getting scratched up before it is purchased but with the old brass and silver hardware (the hardware that came with tasseled bags) they aren't as delicate.