Why ratemyprofessor.com is cruel

  1. Ok, I'm sitting here procrastinating on doing work, so thought I would share one of my rants of the week.

    Ratemyprofessor.com is a site where students can go to "rate" their professors and leave comments. As a professor I like the idea, in theory, because it holds teachers accountable. HOWEVER, I HATE the fact that there is a poll for whether the professor is hot or ugly.

    How would you feel if there was a poll on the internet as to whether you were hot or not? No other profession has to deal with this. After I consult a lawyer, I don't go on the internet and vote for whether or not she was "hot." I don't write comments about my bank teller or vote that he's ugly.

    I have literally spent days crying when I saw that students had voted that I was not hot. I'm not sure the students realize how seriously a lot of people take their comments. All of the other younger profs and grad students in my department look at the stupid site almost every day...so if a student gives me ugly votes, all of my friends immediately know it.

    It's easy to say that I just shouldn't look at the site, but how would you feel if you KNEW their was an on-line vote as to whether you were hot or not -- AND that the people participating were the very people who saw you EVERY DAY (your own students)? It's hard to just ignore it.

    I guess I also feel badly sometimes because I am extremely nice to all of my students, so any time I get a not hot vote I feel personally betrayed. Plus sad that I'm getting old and wrinkled and, well, NOT HOT;)

    Anyway, if there were a legal way to remove this site, I would! Any thoughts?
  2. i think that is incredibly cruel but teenagers love these types of sites.....they have these vote if someone's hot or not sites for all sorts of things and i do agree they suck......

    but.....i just wanted to say i'd vote that you're hot since you look gorgeous in your avatar so don't let your petty students who have nothing better to do with their time get you down.......you're beautiful and since you're a professor, obviously very intelligent as well :P
  3. I'm wondering, to they rate their male professors' "hawtness" too? Or is it just the women who are subjected to this?

    I think it's sad that we've become so appearance-obsessed. I can remember what most of my profs looked like, but I don't remember ever thinking about it much at the time or it ever occuring to me to judge their attractiveness. I was more concerned with whether they were good instructors or not, or graded fairly, or answered questions without making the questioner feel stupid.
  4. (((jc2239))) you're awesome!!

    pseub -- They do rate men too. Men are actually more likely to get "hots" (I think it's b/c older me have an easier time appearing attractive to younger people than vice versa) As far as your other comments -- that's why I think the site would be GOOD if it weren't for the hot poll. It could focus on letting students know who the good and bad TEACHERS are.

    Obviously, I'm probably being overly sensitive...but it is, after all, a "rant" and I guess I'm extra sensitive lately because I feel like I'm getting old.
  5. Girl you just gotta remember who they are and give them F's!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
    I think I would find it hard not to hold a grudge on those particular students.
    Anyways you are totally hot and I think that everytime I see your avatar! So I would vote for hot lol!
    Don't take this the wrong way but if I can look as good as you as I get a little older then I'll be extremely happy!
  6. ugh, i hate that site. it's not useful anyway, and the 'hotness' thing is just stupid. we have a website at UGA called The Key - it lists every professor, the course they taught, and what percentages they gave of A's, B's, C's, etc. there's also a percentage of how many people withdrew from the class, the average class GPA, and the size of the class. because it's a public university, all of that is open records, so the student government compiles it into an easy-to-use website every semester. this makes things like pickaprof and ratemyprofessors completely obsolete - whenever i've checked them, the profs i have usually haven't even been added by anyone.

    and if it helps you feel any better, take it from me, college students are almost completely retarded and they probably just voted you not hot out of spite because they got a bad grade in your class. you're very pretty!
  7. i check out the site when I need to schedule my classes and some of the comments are so immature and completely off. I am sorry you have to go through this. It should really be about the professor's teaching style, fairness etc not apprearance. And don't worry your HOT. Some college students are to immature to be in college.
  8. That is cruel! Who backs this site? Is it a student creation? With a poll like that I would think so because that is just not ethical or necessary. Dont let them get to you MandM, they obviously have nothing better to do besides be jerks on the internet. At my school they always tell the students to use Pick-A-Prof.com where you can review the professors and strictly that. Some students are such *holes though because the students actually end up bashing each other. Like say if I said a class was hard, I'll go back and someone would post a response to my review (which isnt the point of the site) and say that Oh youre just lazy. WTH?

    I agree with Minnie, they're just immature. They probably dont think you teachers look at the site at all. How ignorant! And you are HOT! I remember seeing your avatar for the first time when you first joined. Girl you are gorgeous and look very sweet!
  9. I agree it's a pretty stupid site. The ratings are very subjective... I took a class once bc everyone else raved about how great the professor was and he turned out to be the worst one I've ever had :wacko:

    And the hotness thing is totally uncalled for as well. I bet whoever voted was just bitter about their grade MandM, we all know from your avatar that you're beautiful! :o)
  10. You girls are the greatest!! Just remember, the avatar is too small to show wrinkles;) Those of you w/ pics are obviously gorgeous youselves and I really appreciate all of your nice comments.

    I just love this forum! I first came here just looking for info on fake bags...but now I just love talking to everyone. You're all so supportive. A lot of people y might have just said I was kind of pathetic and vain for even paying attention to such a site. But you have all made me feel better.

    Abandoned -- that's really bad when you have a site where the students start bashing each other!!

    PS. sorry if I came across as fishing for compliments in any way -- even though I'm grateful for them! I realize now it might come off that way, but I really did want to vent about that site:smile:
  11. MandM it didn't seem like you were fishing at all don't worry :P....i know how hurtful student comments can be....i teach sunday school (which i know is nothing like teaching a room full of college kids) and SAT classes and my little kids will sometimes be like "oh you're so ugly i hate you" or something and i know they don't mean it and they're just being immature and saying it to tease me but i find it really really hurtful, and i know it must be that must more worse when there's a website for actually rating things like this......but again you're beautiful so not to worry...i agree with the others that the students who vote are probably just upset they got a bad grade :biggrin:
  12. I use that site all the time when it comes time to schedule my classes and I am not sure who the prof is. I find it to be in the middle. When students say a course is hard, I find it easy, when students like the prof, I dont like the prof.........but its still useful though! And I have personally left comments but never ranked them on hot or not....
  13. MandM, I also wanted to second what everyone else has said...you look plenty "hot" to me! I wouldn't worry about it too much; these are immature and shallow people.
  14. :biggrin: MandM, judging from your avatar, I'd say you are very pretty.

    Judging from your posts so far, you seem to be like a nice person.

    Can't comment on your hotness though :biggrin:

    My verdict: your students are immature, and you have to try to ignore their poor judgement.
  15. MandM.. don't take this to heart! College kids.. you know how they can be...
    Don't think you are fishing for compliments.. when I see yr avatar you remind me of a friend of mine who is simply gorgeous. Inside and out!