Why Prefer Medical Bracelets???????

  1. Everyone with a medical condition or allergy should have a medical alert bracelet. There are many places that you can find a wide variety of medical alert jewelry styles, especially on the internet. Most are custom-engraved, stainless steel medical ID bracelets or necklaces. Each one should be able to hold between four to six lines of medical information (for a varity of conditions, diseases, allergies) and engraved in red so the information is easy to read by emergency personnel. The Complete Article Can be read at
  2. Thanks for posting this. Everyone with a medical condition should have one. I'm trying to convince DH of this as he's a diabetic. It's very scary to be put on an ambulance and not have the EMTs know what not to give you. They almost gave my husband something that could've killed him. Luckily he was coherent enough to have them call me.
  3. I'm glad your DH is ok. Its hard, because med id's are important, but they are just soooo ugly. I'm 25 and I refuse to wear a grandma bracelet, KWIM? See if you can get your DH to consider one of these: http://coolmedid.com/
    They're stretchy rubber bracelets (like livestrong ones). I have a plain black one and it's the only med id I've ever worn. I don't wear it all the time, but I wear it if I'm travelling or going somewhere alone all day. They're super cheap too!
  4. What about Tiffany & Co bracelets?There is one that looks like a med bracelet. I know they do engraving services so perhaps they can put that on the back? Not sure if it's enough room. For those who might not want to wear one otherwise
  5. I keep a little card in my cardholder, with a complete list of all my fun and exciting diseases, utterly enthralling conditions, as well as an encyclopedia-length roster of the various fascinating pills I take more or less continuously throughout the day.

    I just don't want to wear one of those bracelets.
  6. Thanks azia and claireZk for the ideas. I'm going to look into both.
  7. Those ones actually look good! If you get a darker color random people can't even tell what it is, but in an emergency an EMT would see it b/c they're looking for things like that.

  8. I do the same thing, especially now that I had a severe allergic reaction to one back in May! :tdown: I also carry my med with me in my bag at all times.
  9. This is exactly what my husband did. He didn't like how the usual Med ID bracelets looked, so he bought a Tiffany ID bracelet and took it to another local jeweler where his info was engraved on the underside and they were able to sodder a small medical alert symbol on the front. It is far more stylish than most of what is out there and it was worth the extra cost since it is something that he needs to wear all the time.
  10. ^ Thats a good idea!!!!!
  11. I'm so glad someone else has posted this. My husband has epilepsy and travels. I thought it wasn't really an issue but he had another seizure last night so I'm trying to find him something to wear. Of course he doesn't want to but he admits it is not really an option anymore. Its not like he can talk in the middle of it and someone could freak out not knowing what it is. Plus if I'm not there I would like to be called.

    I may look at the Tiffany idea. I just have to find a medical thing to put on the front. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Thank you! I just ordered a few of these for my 3 year old granddaughter - she has a severe allergy to peanuts. I think she'll wear these!

    Bisbee :ty:
  13. My mother wore a medic alert pendant on a long chain, so it was not visible when she was dressed. I agree that those medic alert bracelets are ugly and I don't think I'd want to advertise to all that I have a chronic medical condition. EMT workers know to look for the pendant on a necklace and it's much more discreet. For children, especially those with food allergies, the rubber bracelets are probably best from a safety standpoint.
  14. What a great idea to get a Tiffany bracelet for medical id. Which one though? I need one. Thanks!!!
  15. I am getting my medic-alert info tattooed on my inner wrists. Same on both just in case I lose an arm.

    My husband and mom think I shouldj ust wear my bracelet or necklace but Im not much for necklaces and I don't really like bracelets much other than my UTAC bracelet which I haven't worn since I broke the first and haven't replaced it yet.