WHY postage cost too expensive when paid for it then received.....

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    :hysteric: WHY postage cost too expensive when paid for it then received parcel shows different figure fee? :cursing:

    Don't you ever feel dilemma like this? :confused1:

    Mostly eBay Seller are make profit from that even further profitiiieeeesst!!
    which already profit from product selling on eBay (forget about listing fee + final value fee and PayPal fee)
    Why we have to pay extra for that??

    On the listing auction eBay mentioned that figure amount which included International express EMS and insurance value.

    Then I received the parcel which way I'm shocking!!! The lower amount!! :crybaby:

    I don't know should I confront the seller for ask refund on difference postage cost. I know mostly the seller excuse for pay for box (mostly I found they are using re-use box or recycle box), effort time to walk or driving/parking to local post office etc. which called for 'shipping and handling' cost!!

    I am eBay seller too (not much selling stuff) and I never make ripped off those the buyer and always refund money on difference postage cost.
    I know that when I am in buyer's shoes situation that they hate expensive postage cost and trying saving money more like us!

    Beside I love excercise walk to local post office :shame:
  2. How much is the difference? USPS charges fees over and above what's stated on the stamp by the way. I always state that on my auctions.
  3. Well, was the shipping cost stated in the auction? If so, that's the cost to the buyer, period. It really makes no difference whatsoever if the seller is making a small profit off the shipping or not, if you agreed to pay the stated shipping cost.

    Also, as chipmunk very rightly points out, the $$$ on the stamp does not reflect the actual cost of sending the package; that's just the shipping fee. Then there's insurance, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation if it's over $250, and so on.
  4. at listing mentioned USPS EMS $45
    on parcel box mentioned $36 total postage and insurance value too
  5. does is it still too much difference amount $9 to u???
  6. To me, personally, that is an acceptable difference.

    It's not your fault, but shipping internationally IS a hassle for sellers because of multiple types of paperwork, multiple copies of forms, specific requirements for packing materials, and of course dealing with long lines at the PO.

    And also, of course this should be obvious, but a lot of sellers are actually in business to make money ;)
  7. ^Especially at Christmas time.
    I waited 5 minutes in line to have each envelope weighed so none of them would bounce back.
    So $9.00 for me would be acceptable for me as well.
  8. OMG waiting 5 minutes in line sounds like heaven to me, LOL!!! Last Friday I literally waited for 45 minutes--and I live in a small suburban town where I literally knew most of the people in the post office!

    Oh yeah, and know why I was waiting?? I HAD my postage all printed out and packages ready, but I needed customs forms. That's right--for international shipments. Sigh! (Don't get me wrong, I love my intl buyers, but the shipping regulations are horrible)
  9. 25% shipping markup is okay. They probably had to pay more than $9 in paypal and ebay fees. Anyway, the shipping price was stated in the listing...now that ebay has a search by "price+shipping" feature, I think the buyers are no longer harmed by high shipping rates.
  10. yup, I usually wait 30 min in line at the PO, 15 min if I'm lucky, and 45 min now cos of christmas. At christmas, sales are better, but gosh I really hate the queues!

    I understand that as a buyer, you'd like to pay as close to actual shipping fee as possible, but if the fee has been stated upfront in the auction, and you bid knowing the fee, then really, I don't see how and why the buyer should complain. If not agreeable, don't bid or maybe you could email the seller before bidding whether the shipping fee could be lowered.
  11. I hear that from so many US sellers. They don't like waiting in line at the PO. I appreciate that they do it for us.

    We here in Canada, always wait in line to send a parcel, so we're used to it. I always have all my customs forms and paperwork done ahead of time too. I just need the thing officially weighed, measured and stamped... and it always comes to a different amount (more!) than what I calculated.

    Many buyers calculate in packaging fees as well, although often its just an old box and recycled bubble wrap. :lol:
  12. I also have to agree that this is an acceptable difference between the seller's price and the buyer's price. Going to the post office is a hassle, especially this time of year. Not to mention having to fill out the extra forms required. It's just more work to send international, plain and simple. I would let it go for $9.
  13. I don't see a problem with that at all to be honest.
  14. Oh man, you can't print your postage online at all?? I feel bad for you, that would drive me nuts!
    And I can say that with all sincerity since right now the stupid online postage thingy through PayPal is NOT WORKING! :cursing: And I have like 7 packages to ship. Ugh!!
  15. ^^ I wonder if I can set something up like that...? I never even thought about it.

    The thing is, even when I try to calculate the postage for a buyer, it ends up being a different amount when I get to the Post Office.

    Why would the Post Office trust a sender to get the correct postage amount? That's why they get out their tape measures and put the box on the scale to weigh. Even to ship within Canada... they measure and weigh.

    I'm not really selling anymore. I'm on hiatus since our dollar went up.