Why or Why ...

  1. AWWW - they're so cute!
  2. OMG! They're pretty but I could never spend $900 on shoes!
  3. Neither can I!!! But how cute are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  4. It's a sign.. ;)
  5. those are cuuuute!
  6. You know, funny you should say that! One time I was downtown Toronto to pick something up for my mother in law. I was driving on Bloor St. (and that was when Vuitton was still on the North side of Bloor) and you know how hard it is to get a parking spot ANYWHERE on Bloor St.! So, to make the long story short I said to myself "I really shouldn't be spending any money today but, God, if you want me to, give me a sign!" and just as I was passing Vuitton store somebody was pulling out of the parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT of Louis' doors!!! I guess, I took it as a sign and next thing you know papillon was added to my collection!:lol:
  7. Then it was totally meant to be!

    I was in Toronto last spring for an egg donation (long story), for about a week. I fell in love with Toronto, especially Bloor St. I bought the funkiest jewlery there; what a blast I had. I had been before to Toronto but only for weekend visits. It is a great city.
  8. ^^^ BECCA!!! Where is a pic with you and your PETIT NOE!!!!!
  9. That is totally awesome ! Ususally I have to circle the area a few times.. and the traffic there is so frightening ! Definately a sign that you and Louis were meant to be together that day !! :amuse: