Why on Let-Trade do the bags not incl

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  1. the dust bag? What do you when the bag doesn't come with one? You can't get them from LV can you?

    I'm trying to decide between the Trapeze GM or the MC Speedy 30 in white......which should I get? I'm just worried about the fabric on the Trapeze getting dirty easily?

    TIA! ;)
  2. That's usually a default; it's really a gamble on whether or not you will get a dustbag....and I think it depends on the bag. I notice that with bags that are LE or higher end, they tend to come with dust bags (this includes others like in the vernis line, mc line, etc). I didn't get a dustbag; I got a bag from them and it was a mono (and it was cheap, too).

    Plus, it always helps to ask if Let-Trade can supply you with one.

    If you don't end up getting a dustbag...you can ask the boutique if they have a spare. I don't have a solid relationship with the LV boutique, so I never ask.
  3. i've been admiring that trapeze for weeks :smile: it is beautiful! I know it's not the same, but I have a dooney and bourke tote (from their anniversary collection a couple years back) that has basically the same color and style combo (that type of leather with a light fabric), just maybe more on the beige side rather than pink. the dirt isn't really a problem but the corners got a bit frayed after a year or two....the trapeze might be much better bacause of the leather bottom. my D&B only had a very think leather strip down the bottom middle...

    anyway, the trapeze is such a great and rare bag... that's my vote :smile:

    did you see the suhali l'epanoui? loving that one as well
  4. Trapeze! =)

    I got mine from let-trade too and they gave me a dustbag.

    Sorry for the big pictures:

  5. regardless of the dust bags you have to admit that for the most part the prices are pretty darn good on let's trade......
  6. The one on Let-Trade right now looks really wrinkled...do you think they would come out? Also, is there a chance of getting you to "model" the bag on your shoulder? Do you like the size?

    Thanks! ;)
  7. i bought a bag from let-trade and it comes with a dustbag. the dustbag is included only when they say it does on the website. but i guess it doesn't hurt asking, like bernz84 suggested.
  8. I'm not disputing that, just asking how you store your bag if it doesn't come with a dustbag!:shrugs:
  9. haha I get so freaked out when people ask me to model my bags. I'll have to ask my sister over tomorrow to model it for me.

    It does fit a lot, and I am sure you can stuff it (with towels or something) to make the wrinkles come out.

    The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't open up very wide at the top to be able to put a lot of stuff in at once... hope that made sense. I can go grab a picture of the opening if you'd like.
  10. maybe steaming it gently will help once you get it? if not, you can return in, no?

    about the dustbag, maybe you can pick one up on ebay? I can't imagine they'd be THAT expensive...
  11. oahctrec, is yours the gm or pm?

    and luv my bags, i guess you can store your bag in a pillow case, maybe? i'm sure there's other alternatives to the dustbag. sometimes they're sold on ebay as well.

  12. I'm sure you look great with it!! =) I know what you mean though, I'm the same way. I know just what you're talking about with the opening not being very wide! :sad: That would really irritate me, I'm glad you mentioned it. I like to be able to open my bag and throw whatever I want into my bag! :shame:

    Thanks again for your help!

  13. It's the GM :yes:

  14. No problem! Just PM me if you'd like some pictures (none of me modeling of course :sweatdrop: ). Good luck with whatever you choose, they are both gorgeous bags!
  15. do you have any other dust bags in your closet?? It would be great if LT had a dust bag for every bag but, considering the excellent deals sometimes it is okay to forgo the dust bag...if the price is right....maybe department stores sell non LV dust bags for storage purposes...I know it is not the same but, if it does the same...I never use my LV dust bags because I display my bags so, I can see them and rotate them and they still look fabulous...good luck