Why oh why....

  1. don't they make the Ergo Signature Cross Body in the Choc Sig material (technically called Brass/Brown/Chestnut I think)? Getting ready to give my wish for my belated birthday/anniversary (tomorrow) present to DH. I am trying to find a purse that is in the choc sig fabric ideally, has a zipper top close, decently long handle so I can wear it over my shoulder at a minimum (no pouch only bags). As much as I want a Carly, I need to stick under $300. I have about $100 credit I am going to give him to apply to my bag if he so chooses. As much as this man loves me, it's going to be a stretch to get him to go for anything over $300. I buy most of my things from the Outlets. But due to timing, distance, etc. I will be choosing from the boutique selection. I like the Hamptons Signature Stripe Swingpack in the brown especially as it's 148 but don't know if it's big enough to be worth buying. Any thoughts, ideas, comments?
  2. Right now the Ergo Cross Body in Signature No. 10768 is only available in black/black signature and brown/khaki signature. It may be made in choc/choc signature later in the fall. That would be a great bag. I do hope that they
    make it for you. Why don't you call Coach at 1800-223-8647 and ask them if it is coming in that color. Just a thought.
  3. Have you checked eBay? There is some Coach Ergo Crossbodys on it.
  4. WEll...it would be over your budget...but ....what if hubby put up $300 and you kicked in your credit to give you $400 spending money? I LOVE my Legacy chocolate siggy hippie.

  5. Great idea!
  6. Well it kind of worked out like that :smile: . See my post about my anniversary present.:yes: