why oh why

  1. why do I only get paid every two weeks? there is always something I want from coach....and i have decided that i just don't get paid near enough or often enough to suppoirt my habit! currently I need the ergo tote, and a watermelon charm...oh and a present for my raok buddy....:graucho: Thursday(payday:yahoo:) can not come fast enough......
  2. LOL! I hear ya! I was good and only bought a gift for one of my friends I stayed with in FL and a gift for my RAOK buddy, but there was so much more I wanted! But I was a good girl and paid bills!
  3. I know how you feel! I was dying to go back to the store and use my PCE card again...I had to refrain!
  4. I get paid once a month and not during the summer!! Thank goodness DH gets paid weekly! :yes:
  5. I dont get paid since I am a stay at home mom, I have to rely on others to support my addiction :sweatdrop::shame:
  6. I just got a new job last week but don't get paid for 2 more weeks. Since I went back and used my PCE card 3 times:wtf: most of my first paycheck will go straight to paying off my purchases:crybaby:
  7. i get paid twice a month and my one year was June 5th and i havent gotten my review yet :sad: i was going to treat myself to a bracelet if my review is good and im getting frustrated waiting! I don't get paid again until the 29th :sad:
  8. I went in today to get more things since I got paid on friday.
  9. I wish I got paid! Unpaid internships don't exactly support my Coach habit.
  10. Not getting paid until Thursday! Saving for 4th of July sale. Seems like it could be a good one.
  11. It took all the strength I had not to call and use my PCE on last time for the legacy striped agenda--I know it really wouldn't work for me but love how it looks..I decided to play chase with my kids instead--more fun and easier on my wallet!

  12. I feel your pain! I get paid every other Wednesday. This Wednesday is it:yahoo:
  13. W.O.W (why oh why)! That says it all. LOL Direct Deposit came in on Sat and all gone by actual payday ..crap today...:upsidedown:..W.O.W did I drag my DH to the Coach Store in Georgetown, DC with my PCE in hand refusing to leave the store empty handed! All I left with was a Star FOB (BECAUSE) thanks to all my new buddy pals on this addictive forum (LUV YALL) all I REALLY wanted was the purse 11127 in Whiskey on pg 40 in the new catalog! what have I become :confused1:?? LOL...
  14. Me too! It is so hard when there are so many cute bags.