Why Oh Why????? (TASSLE HASSLE!!!)

  1. Is it such a BIG deal to buy extra tassels for your bag??? Why is like striking gold if you can find them to buy? How else are we supposed to open/close our bags?~ I'm not tying a string on my Bbag!!!!!! lol
  2. I hear ya "L", if you're referring to the attitude given when trying to BUY (not take, but buy) extra tassels I can't agree more.....that is, if you can find them. It should be much easier.
  3. I've never tried to buy them...I'm too afraid. lol
  4. we probably should be thankful they allow us to buy the bags and not bug them further :push:
  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! ME TOO! I bought them once and it was so hard!!! A super annoyed SA was almost not willing to let me buy any!!!!!!
  6. Yes~ this is what I'm speaking about!!! Why is this such a hassel? Tassel hassle!!! :roflmfao:
  7. Tassel hassle....:roflmfao::roflmfao:....oh that's great.
  8. That is so weird b/c when I called for white tassels the SA wanted to send me an extra set for free! But then again- it's just white- and not like some rare color like any of the 05's and older.
  9. oo let me see~ just changed the title of the thread!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  10. how do you shorten the tassles?

  11. Me too! I think I have around 30 Bbags right now, but I'm terrified of the SA at BalNY. LOL (I'm only half kidding!) So any bags that need new tassles, too bad. The new owner will have to do that....
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: my fave quote of the day.
  13. i asked once at balny and they said i had to have bought the bag from there.
  14. ^ and are we supposed to keep physical evidence? lol
  15. What?! That's just nuts. They aren't the only store that sells the bags...are they trying to punish you if you bought one elsewhere by "withholding" the tassels? :cursing: