Why oh Why, Oh Why.....

  1. Do buyers watch fixed price auctions. This is the second time that I am re-listing a Marc Jacobs bag on a fixed price BIN or Best offer auction and there are so many watchers each time and no bidders!!!! Why would anyone want to watch a fixed price auction???? Sorry about the rant!!!
  2. probably because they are hoping the price will go down before the auction ends....or comparison pricing??????:confused1::shrugs:
  3. I do it because sometimes I want to think about an item a bit before I invest alot of money. I don't want to have to write down the item number to look it up again if I decide I want to purchase it. I guess I thought that was one of the reasons we could watch an item on eBay.
  4. if I am browsing eBay, I click the watch button on any item I am interested in (auction style or buy it now), so I can keep track of them all, but in the end I won't buy everything I am watching- just a small fraction.
  5. Some people wait until Friday... PAY DAY!!!
  6. I completely agree:tup:
  7. Are there rules around what we can watch on eBay? My watch list is always full - I add items I want to remember to show my husband, items that are like something I might be selling in the future so I want to see how they do, items I want to look at again after my first crazy impulse has passed, items my friends are interested in, items I want to see which PFer ends up winning, and many other reasons - including that I'm planning to bid or BIN once I see what money I can find behind the sofa cushions. Given my own habits, I don't take watchers on my listed items as a sign of anything more than someone thought it was interesting for some reason.
  8. Other sellers also watch your item if they have a similar one for sale--they want to see if yours sells for a particular price, and if so, how long it takes.

    I know it's frustrating sometimes, though! I have been having items end lately with as many as 50!!! watchers and only one or a few bids!!
  9. :yes: Many watchers but no bidder happened to me, too. :tdown:
  10. I'll admit I'm guilty of this. I just want to see if an item will sell or I bookmark it to bid on it later.
  11. me too
  12. same!
  13. I don't mind watchers but it is annoying when the same people watch your auction over and over, you know it's the same people because it takes 24 hours for your listing to show up and people are watching before that.
  14. Some people do it if they are unsure of the item (need to check for authenticity, etc). I know I watch fixed-price item auctions if I'm decided about making the purchase (do I really NEED a new bag?) and want to know how long I have to make the decision. Also, if someone pays for the item before the full duration of the auction, I like to know so I'm not still thinking about something that is no longer available.
  15. Totoally guilty of this. I'm usually waiting to see if it sells before payday.