Why, oh why do people strip down cute embellishments prior to returning a bag???

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  1. I purchased a Coach Editorial Sequin Rocker from the Outlet last Friday and seriously should have known that something was missing, but I had found one of my most wanted bags and was in purse heaven. On Monday after looking at that little tab under the right handle I really start to wonder what it's for and research it, and yes, I should have remembered that flower. Which I must say really does make the bag so much cuter. So, I call the outlet and ask if they have it by chance. No. The sales person stated that the purse wasn't suppose to hit the floor to be sold because someone had returned it without the flower and the bag was to be sent to JAX. Ok, so, I could return it or have another one sent from California or get 10% additionally off. The return is a no go along with having another one sent to me. Why? The sequins are pristine, only one bent. If you know anything about Coach Sequin bags, then you know finding one with out any bent sequins is near to impossible. I ended up taking the additional 10% off and will just stalk evilbay and Bonz for a flower.

    So, why? Why do people feel the need to strip down a perfect bag?
  2. I have run into that very problem at least a handful of times where a hangtag was removed and I overlooked noticing it until I got home (or weeks later when I went to use the bag) and it's always a specific color that the stores/JAX don't seem to have any replacements for~This and people taking out the dustbags from the boutique deletes that are sold at the outlets (I realize some outlets make it a practice of removing all the dustbags from the boutique deletes before putting them out on the selling floor, but my old outlet wasn't one of them.) Both of these practices burn me up!!!
  3. I have called numerous FP stores to see if one might be in their goodie bag of damaged out items they hold onto. Nothing in the greater Chicago-land area. :cry:
  4. I constantly see these hangtags being sold on ebay for big money so it's another way to get something for nothing. annoying.
  5. That's what I would have done too. It'll show up, just hang in there and keep watching. :flowers: :flowers:

  6. I will. Thanks!! :flowers::whistle:
  7. Hi,
    This has happened to me!! I purchased the Pink Croc Embossed Carry All from Nordstrom. As most everyone knows, It came with a Silver Hang tag, a Leather Hang tag and a Jewelled Fob. The first bag that came only had the Silver Hang tag~~No Fob, No leather one. I returned the bag and pointed it out to the SA. They found another Croc Carry All from another store. That one came and only had the leather hang tag. (The Bag was on sale at the time) I returned it as well!
    It is one thing to take hang tags off a bag, if you are keeping the bag but to take them off and then return them is just so wrong!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. I bought one of these in Vegas when we went there. They had SEVERAL. But this was in August.. so who knows if they still have them or not. Sorry yours came missing the flower. :sad:
  9. I don't know if I should call more Coach stores to see if any of them damaged out one recently or what?
  10. If you're in another outlet ask if they have one ...

    When the glam tote first came out I found one at the outlet, it was final sale. I had some peeling on the strap ( which some here have said happens) so I thought we'll if its going to happen anyway, this is a deal. It didnt have any hagtags.

    While in vegas I asked about it and they had some extra's and had no issue giving them to me :biggrin:
  11. Maybe even the very one that came from that bag !! :P
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  12. Ugh...this kind of thing is annoying. Do you have a favorite FP SA that might be willing to help you track down a replacement?
  13. I have seen the jewels on last year's Madisons sold on ebay and am always like "why would someone do that?" Guess I have my answer
  14. I am sorry that would be very annoying! I hope you find one!
  15. Omg! I just bought a jewel fob from eBay, that belonged to one of the purple Audreys. I just figured the seller didn't need/want it. After reading this I hope I didn't buy someonesmissing stone!!

    *However the seller did note, if it didn't sell she was keeping it for her self.