Why Oh Why Did I Look At the China Website?!

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  1. #1 Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
    :wtf:? Why do they have all these bags that I want that they don't have here? I see the Poppy Jazzy with BRASS hardware, I don't see that here on the USA website! I see the Poppy Glam Tote (the Storypatch in a pretty khaki), in all these beautiful colors, signature in pink and khaki, not on the USA Website! Does anyone else see items they want on that website or the other Global sites and and are frustrated by this as well? :shucks:
  2. Yes! :yes:
  3. YES! There is a gorgeous purple Julia wallet that I want; it is on the Japanese site (#43999) and no sign of us getting here in Canada as yet. SIGH!
  4. Oh yes, jules. There is a RED croc Alexandra on the Japan site that is TDF.
  5. ^^I second the red croc Alexandra. I WANT that bag!
  6. Me three - I wouldn't hesitate to pay FP for the Red Alexandra. Sigh.
  7. I'm with you, I just saw the red croc Alexandra and I WANT IT! how long do we have to wait?
  8. yes.... sadly I would love to have that red croc Alexandra too - so sad we cant get it......:crybaby:
  9. We ought to start a petition and put our user names on it and email it to Coach! RELEASE the red croc Alex, please!!!
  11. *signs the petition*
  12. Are we even allowed to make petitions on here? Wouldn't that be considered soliciting? LOL!
    Ya know...if it is allowed...we could create a thread and people could sign and leave comments...
    Then send that to Coach.

    I am thinking about this way too much. But dang I want that ALEX!
  13. :lol:

    They should let us order from the global sites, hell, I'll pay the shipping! Plenty of people would to get what style/color they want, for crying out loud!