Why oh why are wallets so £$£$£$....

  1. hi LV lovers!:p I am new to LV and maybe its because im new I just dont understand why the wallets are so pricey!!!:confused1: They are gorg but why so much?
    The bags are fairly priced for the durability etc but the wallets? The vernis wallet (larger ones) are as expensive as the mono speedy!:shrugs:
    Do wallets take longer to make?
    Please offer your views!

  2. more complicated to make plus I guess people don't buy wallet as often as they buy bags..well me anyway..
  3. That's why I don't own a LV wallet so far... I'd rather buy a new bag for the money :yes:
  4. Lots of complicated leather folds? And a pretty buckle.
  5. They are a bit steep, but you said, they are TDF! I have the pochette wallet in Pomme D'Amour - at first I cringed at paying $600 for it, but I don't regret it at all! It is my favorite wallet ever, I also use it as a clutch from time to time.
  6. ITA!!! I would love a vernis :heart: , i think ummm i can justify it i will use it everyday etc, but them my SO comes in and is like "theres no way you are spending that much on a wallet!":push:

    he is right, i suppose, maybe i will try and get one cheaper on eBay? but damier or vernis is still nearly retail price,:shame:
  7. i have always wondered about this and my sa said its because of all the stitching that must be done by hand. she explained that it is easier to hand stitch bigger things but it takes alot more time on very small pieces. thats why there is usually only like a $20 difference in prices for a size larger on a handbag. i said to her that i could get a speedy for the price o0f a wallet and she said that the speedy was pretty much a three piece design but with a wallet and all its folds it takes alot more time so will be more costly
  8. my damier koala was the same price as my damier speedy - haha - but togheter they are an irresistible duo!
  9. Some wallets that are in Suhali, Epi, and Vernis are all leather, so those are obviously going to run a lot more.

    LV wallets are made to last just like bags. They are definitely worth it!
  10. oooh :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!

    i do think, if you are completley sure about a wallet and it is timeless then i think it is worth the money! :p
    It will always be with me however, hmmm "£50 and you get a bag!!!":yahoo:
  11. Time consuming constuction. Plus the rlative same amount of materials are used. Bags are just full of ... air.
  12. Because they last for ever!!

  13. their wallets are made with fine craftsmenship though! so i think it's worth it to have ONE in your collection!
  14. I still can't believe that they are hand-stitched! I have a MC Porte Tresor wallet. Love it, but it was way overpriced. Surely, this was done with machine stitching, don't you think?
  15. :true: