Why oh Why are they bringing back Maxi dresses?

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  1. I have received e-mails touting all of these great and wonderful maxi dresses from NM, Saks & Barney's. Do they really think we are that stupid? Only a small fraction of the population can get away with that style. I love the look of the dresses, but I am under no illusions that at 5'3" I could wear a maxi even if I were not curvy.

    Sheesh, put half as much effort into designing cute, good quality and fashion forward clothes for those larger than a size 12 as you do in trying to bring back maxi's for the umpteenth time.:lecture:

    Ok, rant over.:yes:
  2. TBH I think that unless you are little and petite or tall and willowy most people can't carry these dresses off. I'm 5'7 and a US 8 and there's no way I would entertain the idea of wearing one!!
  3. I never cared for the style the first time around, back in the '70's. I haven't changed my opinion!
  4. I love them!
  5. I'm 5'3 as well and I have one Maxi dress, and I havent left the house with it on.

    Its a dog day in the world of fashion for the short gals. first the babydolls and now the maxi!!

    looks like we have to stick to jeans girl, lol
  6. Ugh, I agree. Babydolls and maxi dresses. What kind of fools do they think we are? Not being a particularly tall person, I could never wear one.
  7. I love the way they look but have not yet found one that looks good on me. But I think I am going to try a maxi skirt (one from anthropologie) because then it will have a waist. A lot of maxi dresses are empire which is not good for me (5'3" and curvy). I need a waist! Anyone have more luck with the maxi skirts and a cute tank/ cami?
  8. I love maxi and babydoll dresses...I love dresses period. I bought this(might not be the traditional maxi dress) and a lady stopped me in Publix grocery store mentioned that she had to to have it:amuse:[​IMG]
  9. I'm not much of a fan of the maxi dress style in general...it tries to conjure the idea of being comfortable, casual and laidback but most times it looks like a nightie that even the best of us can't pull off.. or maybe it's just cos i'm short :P haha
  10. I love maxi dresses and yes I am tall, but i'm a size 12-14
  11. ^ I'm tall and love maxi dresses too! They're soooo easy to wear :shame:
  12. i'm 5'6" and curvy and like maxi dresses. it's just a matter of trying things on until you find one with a cut that flatters you. it IS possible. i have a printed one from last year that i never fail to get at least a few compliments on every time i wear it.
  13. I like maxi dresses. I think they are pretty flattering. I'm not tall since I stand about 5'6 and wear a size 0-4 depending on the brand.
  14. i'm a bit taller at 5'5'' (size 2, but curvy) and bought my first maxi dress a month or so ago.. I was always scared to try them on, but.. they make me look like i'm a six foot grecian goddess! (though i'm wearing it with wedges so i guess technically i am about 5'8'' in it, but whatever! hah)

    My suggestion is to just try them, you should have seen my face when i first saw myself in this dress.. i always thought you had to be supppperrr tall to wear dresses like this!


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  15. ^ Super cute, sammydoll! :tup: