Why not get the Speedy 25, 30, 35 brand new?

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  1. Why do some of you get vintage ones off ebay? Why not pay retail and get it brand new?
  2. i think the speedy looks 1000x better with a patina and i'm too impatient to patina my own in a window before i use it. so i got one i liked better for $250 less, lol.
  3. Because some people think LV bags actually get better with age, like fine wine. :smile: If you buy them brand new, they will just end up with that honey color sooner or later, so if it's easier financially, why not save a few hundred bucks.
  4. i like patina on my bag and it's winter so i can't tan my bag...and i didn't want to wait, so i got an older one to use as a kick around bag, and maybe in the future i'll buy a brand new one.
  5. I've never owned a LV--how long does it take for patina generally? I have a coach wallet that has a vachetta interior--I've had it for almost 2 years and still no "real" patina--but it's also on the inside and not the outside....
  6. the patina, def. as well as the history...it's just like buying vintage jewelry or furs for instance.

    lots of people "sun" their bags to quicken this process.
  7. I bought a brand new Speedy and I'm trying to find a way to age the handles! I don't like carrying them when the handles look brand-new. Any suggestions?
  8. Leave it by a sunny window or outside in the nice weather for a few days. It didn't take long for mine to deepen when I did that.
  9. Patina fan here, too :biggrin: I'm impatient and don't want to wait for it to change color.
  10. This might be a dumb question, but does the sun fade the canvas a little also? That's my biggest fear.
  11. I don't find the sun has affected my canvas items, however the plastic coating seems to have gotten a little shinier.
  12. I put a towel over the bag and just leave the handles exposed to the sun.
  13. I've noticed that if you live in a cold climate and you're not out in the sun much in the winter, the bags take a really long time for the trim to darken. I have three new LV's with the light leather and they are not changing very quickly because I live in NH - trust me on this - the snow reflection does nothing to darken the bags!!
    One of the 3 bags was changing nicely (my Hudson) but I had to have it replaced, so now I have a brand new one with the super light leather, so I have to start from scratch. I'm going somewhere sunny next week, but only bringing one bag, so at least I get to decide which one I want to bring and darken up.
    I'm not really complaining because I could have much worse problems, but I know what you mean about the patina. Once there's a patina, there's less worrying about water stains too.
  14. I'm in agreeance with most people here. I'm too impatient to wait for it to patina. I have a co-worker who purchased a Cabas Piano last December, and the patina is just now at a honey color.

    I was 95% sure of buying it new, but when I went to the LV store to look at it, I really didn't like it new. All the better because I ended up saving a few hundred dollars...towards another bag ;) !
  15. As far as my Speedy, I did buy it new. Why do I buy vintage LV? I collect LV so I love the older pieces and the history that comes with it. And with LV, the value goes up with time.