why no wait list at new york and hawaii?

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  1. hi ladies,

    i'm pretty new to hermes, and was wondering how come the new york and hawaii stores don't have a wait list for the birkin bag? i was lucky enough to get a birkin from my (new, hehe) husband during our honeymoon. i'm not complaining :p i love my new bag. but i thought they were really hard to get and required you to be put on the wait list. i was suprised he was able to get me one. are birkins easy to get now more than they were before?

  2. Did you get it in Hawaii?
  3. There's no waitlist where I live, either, but bags do go to clients, first.
  4. how come they don't do wait lists anymore?

    cobaltblu, yes he got it in hawaii. i've been telling him for a few years now how hard they were to get and how much i would love one. never expected him to be able to get me one :smile: although i am grateful to own one now.
  5. Dear Ms. Dari:

    CONGRAT on your WONDERFUL DH and Birkin.

    Sometimes LUCK means a lot too and you sure have it!!!

    Pls. share your joy and let us see some in-action pictures?!
  6. Yes, it is a matter of luck. Another hour later and it may have been gone....they do not have a "stock" of them on hand. It may have been on hold for a customer who passed on the bag.

    They have a lot of clients from overseas who are waiting for specific bags, if they come in, they are offered to these clients first. If they pass, LUCKY YOU!!!

    It also helps if you are flexible on what you want. I was offered a beautiful HAC, but alas it was not something I was looking for. It was gone within the hour.....

    Congratulations to you!!!
  7. ooh! what did you end up getting?
  8. congrats on your wedding and birkin :smile:
  9. Yeah, and the SA's love to take care of (New) Husbands for sure -- so often I've heard the story "my husband walked in and asked about a Birkin/Kelly/etc..." and the rest was history.
  10. ^ That's very true.

    Hawaii is the best place to score a Birkin, outside of Paris. In fact, even better than Paris, in some instances.
  11. ^^the mai tais are pretty good, too!

    Funny...each time I have been at Ala Moana there has been a husband buy.
    One was a chevre kelly in orange, sellier. He was alone, it was a surprise for his new DW on ther honeymoon. He was totally baffled by the bag, but forked over the card, LOL!!! I gave him one of these :tup: with my eyes!

    The next time the bag was boxed up, and he brought it outside and the DW was out there with her friends, they opened it up right there and she went nuts!!! We could hear the whooping from in the store, LOL. It was somthing black and big....HAC or Birkie.
  12. ^^ That's a great story, CobaltBlu. I love the audible whooping from outside the store! LOL!

    I gotta get me (and DH) to Hawaii.
  13. thanks for the congrats ladies :smile: i'm too shy to do an action picture (maybe later) but it is togo leather, red, 35 cm, with palladium hardware. i love my new bag! new husband too....... :love:

    just curious, how come hermes treats new hubands better?

    and how come the hawaii and new york stores don't take waiting lists anymore? they said that whatever they get, they put out on the floor and gets sold first come first serve......what happened to the waiting lists?

  14. Man...I bet they got some lovin' THAT night!
  15. All I know is that is great news for people who are not existing clients!! (cough cough, me!!)

    I bet many of the sales at the hawaii store are for honey moon or special occasions. I'll make sure to tell Vlad! :amuse: